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Monday, October 28, 2013

Here we go AGAIN again gain ain ainainain[loop].

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Socialists know so much BETTER than you do what is best for you and your family.

Over 4 years ago, Obamacare was imposed upon the lower (i.e. non-political) class as a non-tax, “affordable” healthcare system, using bribes, threats and secret deals, despite objections of a proven 51%+ of Americans. Government ‘healthcare’ had already failed everywhere it was tried in the world. We knew back then that it was unsustainable and dangerous and many said so.  But Obama and the other “ProgressiveDemocrats called us names and laughed that “we have to pass it to find out what’s in it”.  What's in it sucksThey embezzled $600 Billion from Medicare to redistribute as "free" care to those who were not paying for their own, free, guaranteed, emergency room treatment to start with.  Obama promised over and over that the millions of plans now declared 'inadequate' under Obamatax could be kept "no matter what".   Oh, and by the way, Obamatax was "Hillarycare" (you know, Hillary "I am a Progressive" Socialist Clinton) before it was Obamacare.  And the salient provisions of Hillaryobamatax were in dusty, dog-eared files of the Progressive Socialists for decades before Americans refused to be fooled by Clinton. Socialized or "Single Payer" medicine has been Leftists' golden fleece ('fleece' as in scam, victimize or con) for 100 years.  Thus Hillaryobamacare, which loads down private care and the cost of exaggerated coverage and unlimited delivery until our world's best private system collapses and the government must "save us" by taking total control of 1/6 of our economy and making us dependent for our very health and lives.  But then, older men do get (at exorbitant cost) gynecological and breast exam coverage while kids get geriatrics and old women get pediatric dentistry, and other "innovative" Progressive concepts.
Ah, but Obama didn't know anything about it until he read about it in the papers.

A packed Supreme Court (2 justices had previously worked in favor of Obamatax, thus making them biased and requiring their recusal, but they didn’t bother with Constitutionality or legality) issued history's only 4-1-4 ruling.  Fourruled it was 'Constitutional' despite the reality of the limits of American Constitutional government; four rejected the ideological double-talk and fabrications; and the Chief Justice ignored Obama’s own words and confirmed it as a Senate-created'tax’, despite Constitutional requirements that all taxes originate in theHouse of Representatives.  Thus, government may order We the People to do anything it wants.  Oh, and by the way, Roosevelt(D) used a packed Supreme Court to impose  what he called Social Security "Insurance" on us for 80 years.  It was never ethically or legally structured as insurance (i.e. enough input to cover possible output) then, and what is actually a  Ponsi Scheme has been teetering on the edge of collapse for decades.  Most of those now working will never see any of the money that was extracted from their paychecks, let alone full value.  It has already been 'distributed', you see, and only ever-increasing taxation keeps it afloat.

OH! And now, Sebelieus and Obama have secretly 'decided' [a power reserved to the Attorney General in the short term and the Supreme Court for permanence] that Federal anti-corruption laws "dont apply" to the entire HillaryObamatax system, its subsidiaries, designers, executors, enforcers, beneficiaries, cronies, profiteers....

But then, I'm sure Obama "just heard about it".

Having increased debt by $7 Trillion in 4 years (more than all previousPresidents combined), Obama announced weeks before "the shutdown" [actually only a 17% reduction in operations] that he would “not negotiate” (with the co-equal branches of government) over the Federal budget or debt.  He demanded unlimited spending and uncontrolled government.  Some House Republicans tried to resist, and protect the now 71% of People (85% already had the insurance they wanted) want HillaryObamatax overhauled or replaced.  They were called “terrorists", "criminals", "extortionists", "arsonists” and other respectful and civil things (while the Progressive Obama regime does negotiate with actual Jihadist mass murderers and rogue-Statenuke and chemical violators).  Senate Dictator - er, Majority Leader - Harry Reid(D) refused to allow even debate, let alone votes, on amendments or  House bills offered to the Senate.

But remember, Obama doesn't know anything about that.

Obama violated "the law of the land" and  excused businesses from the law to provide insurance, but individuals dependent on those businesses for their insurance are still mandated to get it. He and his HHS Czar Sebelius also excused their own families, cronies, Leftist Unions, and a few others in the political class.  The web architect warned last spring that the system did not work and had no "I.D. theft" protection for our personal data.  Sebelius has now (round II of hearings) even admitted (under terrific pressure from GOP Senatorial investigators) that 'some felons might be collecting' your personal data and being paid by the taxpayer to do it. But Hillaryobamatax has been unleashed

And Obama knows nothing about the website, which is the "easy part".

Oh, by the way, the promised "just like making an airplane or hotel reservation" Hillaryobamtax Exchange website aint quite so.  It seems that word got out about how (except in a couple of crony Blue States) the prices were much higher in the Exchanges.  So, just a couple weeks before the rollout, Executive Orders were decreed, removing the "price browsing" or "window-shopping" ability of potential clients until AFTER they had committed, signing up for coverage. And a cute little caveat was discovered in the source code for the site.  It seems that your computer can read it to you if you know how to ask, but it is invisible on the Obamatax site itselfThe one that has been 99% impenetrable.  It says that "You have no reasonable expectation of privacy regarding any communication or data transiting or stored on this information system." Pretty cool, considering that warnings were sounded about vulnerability to I.D. theft (YOUR identity) a year ago, as the "navigator" operators were never vetted for drugs, criminal backgrounds or even current warrantsAlso, in shades of IRS/NSA/DOJ/DEA/EPA/DNC gang-persecuting of conservative American Citizens without probable cause, it adds, "At any time, and for any lawful government purpose, the government may monitor, intercept, and search and seize any communication or data transiting or stored on this information system." Hm, what ever happened to, "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized" ~ IV-A?

But former adjunct "Constitutional Law professor" Obama wouldn't know anything about that.

Google,  Apple, Amazon and other servers each handle billions of transactions per week.  Progressives said that 30 million must be enrolled into Hillaryobamatax and paid $600 million to foreign web designers.   But in 3 weeks, only 9.5 million even visited the site.  Only 3.5 million tried to ‘register’ for information.  Only 1.3 million succeeded.  Hearing about the terrifying increases (200-400% on premiums, 200-300% in copays and deductibles), only 36 thousand actually enrolled. Oh, and by the way, HHS techs admit that the "window shopping" ability was ordered out of the website just weeks before the rollout, making the discovery of those unaffordable prices difficult for those who don't watch FOX.  Even the poor must pay 12% of total income before any subsidies kick in.  Site traffic has dropped by 88%, obviating the Left's constant drumbeat that 'millions are frantic to lay hands on affordable healthcare'..  NY Times, CNN, NBC and other latecomers now confirm that thesystem is simply unworkable and the plan is stunningly unaffordable.   A few “Republicans” supported the Left in the efforts to slow or stop Hillaryobamacare and debt increases via negotiation.  They pushed responsibility back a few weeks, ensuring that we have to pay more and then re-fight all this again in January.

But Obama won't know anything about any of that "technical" stuff.

Progressives reversed all the facts about not only Hillaryobamatax, but the economic issues; including their fabricated threats of "default” if the debt limit was not raised without restriction.  That could not happen, since government already takes in 10 times our payment obligations even without an increase.  So, all that is needed is to pay bills and cover Federal Responsibilities before giving away any more billions to cronies, foreign companies, Illegal Aliens and freebies.  The GOP House pre-passed several bills to reduce negative impacts (before and after the "Slimdown"), but the Leftist Executive branch issued orders to intentionally ignore or mis-interpret all of them to maximize pain to the People. The 17% reduction of non-essential personnel when the budget was delayed was called “total Shutdown” by the Left (DNC and/or GOP).  Executive Orders were issued to rent and place barricades, then guard them to deny We the People access to our own monuments.  DOD appointees denied death benefits for service members and their families.  These were unreported or reverse-reported by most media.  Obama and the Progressives crowed about “winning” the political fight, accuse Conservatives of “brinksmanship and extremism” and make ridiculous claims of “cutting debt” while spending more of our grand children’s money.  Obama claims that slightly limiting his massive increases is “the biggest cut in the deficit in history” and now it is time to re-re-re-revisit confiscatory taxes on the evil rich, Illegal Alien amnesty and Second Amendment infringement.

And now, it turns out that, "...if you like your insurance/plan/doctor, you can keep it, PERIOD" or, "...you can keep it, NO MATTER WHAT", has an asterisk (*).  [No, a BIG asterisk.]

Now for the switcheroo.
* [...well, that's a little better.  Try again.]

[...now you got it.]
Witness actual, Socialist, "REVISIONIST HISTORY" in the making:
However, Obama keeps telling us "liars" and "teabaggers" to remain civil and let him do as he wishes "under the Constitution."

And keep in mind, here:
Richard Nixon was hounded out of office [resigned when confronted by the Liberal media] solely on the strength of the charge that he "lied to the American People" (about his knowledge of a 4th rate, 'political tricks' burglary of a DNC office to find information about his opponant).  No one was killed, no treasury losses were incurred, no American jobs were lost.
Bill Clinton was impeached [brought to trial] solely over the fact that he "lied to the American People" (about having sex with a staffer in our Oval Office).  No one was killed, no treasury losses were incurred, no American jobs were lost.
Obama has presided over the implementation and coverup of HillaryObamatax as well as Benghazi, Fast and Furious, "Stimulus" embezzlement and waste, 14% unemployment/underemployment, weaponized IRS attacks on Conservatives, wholesale spying on innocent Americans, etc, etc.

Now, Harry Reid tells us that we need more taxes (than the highest revenues in history) and that "everyone wants to pay more".  Still no progress on responsibility (or even 'transparency') for the "old business Secret Service scandal, the G.S.A. scandals, the Stimulus diversion/embezzlement scandals, the Fast and Furious scandal (and illegal use of Executive Privilege), the EPA scandals, the Benghazi scandal (and the lies told over the victim's bodies), the I.R.S (and DEA, FBI, DOJ...) scandals, the NSA scandals, the 15% unemployment/underemployment scandal....
...Oh, and by the way, it is once again "Republicans fault" and even "Bush's fault".

But its not Obama's fault.  After all, he knew "nothing about it", but proclaimed as PotUS that "the police acted stupidly".  And he was unaware until it was on the media, but the "President of all the people" saw a proven felony-assault "son" in Martin.  He was busy sleeping and fund-raising and repeated over and over that Benghazi must be some kind of "video", even over the bodies of the victims.  He had no clue at all that thousands of guns were issued by his Attorney General to foreign narco-terrorists.  He is, however, the most savvy consumer of intelligence in history, and really doesn't need those pesky and under-informed intelligence briefings with their boring binders full of expert data.  Can't get good help, I guess.

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