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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Getting back up to speed with the defense of the Constitution

Just a few notes (hopefully not too disjointed) from the last several days. Since SophosArchaeus got back in the saddle (thanks again for not abandoning me in the interim), there have been several noteworthy developments.
- - - -
~ 9-11: Including 9-10-11, there were two days of events at the various official and unofficial sites. What I was able to see was from appropriate to inspirational. Mostly.

President George W Bush, along with Bill Clinton (oh, and Biden) spoke at the unveiling of the memorial of Flight 93 at Shanksville, Pennsylvania. A very well handled affair, with the families made proud by the recitations of the heroics of the 40 passengers and crew. They fought the murderous, hijacker animals and brought the plane down away from the intended target in Washington DC (determined by intelligence officials as either the White House or the Capital) with no loss of life outside the aircraft. Americans, even untrained, unprepared civilians caught in ambush, can be heroically formidable when the chips are down.

The opening of the Ground Zero memorial went off without any problems. Acknowledged Socialist Michael Bloomberg persisted, however, in his mindless, ideological banishment of all clergy, as well as actual first responders. An idea right up there with painting all the rooftops and parking lots of NYC (and, if the Globalist freaks got their way, the world) white. Besides the tons of volatile fumes released into the atmosphere from millions (or billions) of gallons of paint, all of the (high school educated) Supers from those buildings can tell you that they started painting the roofs black long ago to reduce the number of roof collapses from snow and ice accumulation. The clergy thing is easy to explain: “There was no time to get anyone. Besides, who would I invite? Imam Rauf (the pro-Shariah leader of the Cordoba House victory Mosque [see my earlier post HERE] intended to cast a shadow over the memorial)? Never mind that they could have gotten a Priest or Minister, a Rabbi and a respectful, moderate Imam (with prepared, non-belligerent remarks ready) within 2 hours. They have been comforting and preaching to their NYC congregations for ten years.

It was a good opening for a magnificent memorial (largely out of the hands of the DNC), despite being 90% politicians. Overall it was a respectful and somewhat inspiring rite. It is important to recall that it was not the foolishness that is to be remembered, but the innocence of the victims, the heroism of the responders and rescuers and the need to remain vigilant against future attacks while retaining our American ideals.

~ Obama’s “American Jobs Act” : A week before the 9-11 memorials (actually, a month before that, but he had to go on an emergency vacation [with separate flights for him and his wife] to simple, economical Martha's Vinyard) , Obama called for a joint session of Congress for a major economic policy announcement. Joint sessions are rare, because everyone has to put down their (hopefully ) productive work and sit and listen to the President. Keep in mind that, though it is concentrated in one man, but the Presidency is only one of three equal branches of government. Obama originally chose (weeks out) a date already picked and announced for the first GOP primary debate. Everyone was aware except, apparently, for the White House scheduling secretary. Obama had to step back, re-pack his ego and delay the announcement. It was either that or simply announce his world-changing epiphany without the showcase and without further delay in saving the economy.

What Obama eventually announced was the same package he has been pushing for two and a half years, diluted with a handful of already proposed GOP concepts. The mentioned that Congress needed to “pass this bill; right away”. At least 14 times. What he did not mention was in what way it was to be “entirely paid for”. He did say that he was extracting a few billion from his frozen-at-massively-increased-levels future budgets. He did say that he expected Congress (or his unconstitutional “super-committee”) to figure out how to pay for it. He did say that “the rich” (who already pay many times their percentage of taxes [while most Americans pay 0% income tax {and 51% of Americans are now below the poverty level because employers remain overtaxed and burdened with regulations that keep them from hiring while unemployment continues over 9% for the 25th straight month}]) needed to “pay their fair share” to make up the class warfare difference. He also promised that lots of teachers (union) and construction workers (union) would get short-term infrastructure jobs while the increased taxes and additional debt would cost the rest of us any increase in real jobs.

Further perusal of the (surprise) multi-thousand page, crisis-averting, gotta pass it without debate mish-mash revealed that his promised tax reductions would be offset with subsequent and larger income tax increases. He intends to eliminate deductions such as mortgage interest and charity donations, so that the few of us still successful enough to buy houses won’t be and those still flush enough to donate to (non-governmental) charities will have to cut back. Isn’t that great? Not a simplification or loophole-closing revision of the tax code, but even more pages of credits, loopholes and penalties.  Keep in mind, that voluntary charitable giving has always outperformed governmental relief programs. Even when you count today’s Socialist levels of paying for most things, cradle to grave. In the Texas City explosion disaster (pre-FEMA), the (Republican led) Feds opted not to pay for relief and rebuilding funds. The result was that Americans took care of each other and voluntarily contributed many times the amount that the government even considered. They even got it there faster and with less red tape; and prevented additional debt to the country.

Now, Obama’s staffers and secretaries are making the talk-show rounds, telling us all that Obama will gladly sign any bills enacting individual portions of the “Jobs Act” and will not accept the fragmentation of his “take it or leave it” bill. Very professional. Meantime, more and more Democrats are distancing themselves from Obama, whose approval polls are dropping like lead gargoyls. Obama needn’t worry about the GOP-controlled House, his Stimulus (oh, sorry: Pelosi “banned that word”) redux III won’t make it past the DNC controlled Senate. Many in Congress with little 'D's have already said they will not support his jobs bill.  This throws a monkey wrench into Obama’s plan-B (if his Keynesian dreams don’t come true): to blame the Republicans, radical Conservatives, terrorist Tea Partiers, the Japanese earthquake, Katrina, George Bush, and Elvis for the failure to produce a single job (actually, at least a 2.5 million job LOSS, depending on how you look at it) with his 4, $6 trillion dollar programs. Many of these were passed when the Dems held a super-majority and couldn’t block a sneeze if they had to.

~ You will probably recall Obama taking four months to decide on a reinforcement plea from his hand-picked Afghanistan Theater general, Stanley McChrystal. McChrystal urgently and repeatedly asked for 40,000 additional troops, because his forces were being bloodied. Obama eventually got around to sending just 30,000. More American troops died in the interim and as the weak force re-worked plans to work past with the shortages.

Well, Obama consulted with the ground commanders this year, to see what their estimates for required forces were for the end-of-2011 draw-down. They all said that about 15,000 (12,000-20,000) troops were required for force defense and to accomplish the missions to aid and train the Afghan army, improve infrastructure and help the people. Obama set and announced (to the Taliban) that he would slash the total manpower to 3,000.Three thousand. Socialists, Talibanis, Code Pink, Al Qaida recruiters, White House staffers and the ghost of Hitler all smiled. Everyone else in the sentient universe immediately called for either many times that number, or complete withdrawal.

~ The Tea Party continues to (if you listen to DNC and Globalist/Socialist hacks) “lose numbers”, as if there has ever been any issuance of numbered cards to official roster members-in-good-standing. It’s funny that the numbers of those agreeing with their ideals and calling the Progressives’ programs and agenda “the wrong direction” for the country, seem to be growing weekly, while MSNBC/NYTimes (trick-worded) polls try to assert that ‘71% do not identify’ with the Tea Parties. The Left got spanked - - whipped - - in Massachusetts and the 2010 mid-term elections, on Liberal Home Turf. The Leftists lost their super-majority and Conservatives seized complete control of the House. Obama and the Socialists must now try to dupe or simply malign the Majority-backed Right

According to duly elected, Democratic “representatives”, Tea Party patriots are also “the real enemy” (not those Al Qaida lambs or the Iranians, North Koreans or Somalian pirates). They can go “straight to hell” (rather than those who kill tens of thousands of babies annually, lie about it, and make us pay for it). They “want Blacks hanging on trees” (as opposed to Southern Democrats like George Wallace, who grew up allied with the KKK, which was born from the ruins of the Confederacy, which was formed when Southern Democratic delegates to the Continental Congress and Constitutional Convention failed to guarantee slavery indefinitely against the gradual destruction that northern Federalist/Republican abolitionists Founding Fathers insisted on). They are “radical” conservatives (see: 'oxymoron'), “racists”, “terrorists” and “NAZIs” (National Socialists) (as opposed to the whacked-out Leftist Congresswoman shooters, finger-biters, Union thugs, Illegal alien criminals, plane crashers, jihadist murderers, beltway shooters, et al).

If you look at the ridiculous claims from the Left, along with the growing calls for an alternative to Obama, it is obvious that they are in full panic mode. The Independents and centrist, sincere democrats (small d) are fleeing the anti-American DNC and the hard Lefties are morose and hopeless, betrayed by “the ONE” who was going to finally humble mighty America and bring the giant of capitalism to its knees. It's too soon; they haven’t done enough damage yet. It will take years to undo most of it and a decade or more to pay off their waste, but this dynamo was forged out of the wilderness in the face of superpowers, and out-grew the elder empires in time to go rescue them all in WWI and WWII.

2012 looks to be a second revolution against tyranny, and just as much of a surprise as Washington’s stunning victory in Trenton over Christmas, 1776.

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