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Monday, August 29, 2011

Revisionist "reverence".

In his letter, "GOP selectively reveres Constitution", the writer universally reverses history and current facts. The XV Amendment, one of three passed to protect the rights of former slaves, was also intended to codify the rights of all U.S. citizens on this issue.

Arizona's Republicans are not "radical", especially when seen in the context of dedicated Progressive Socialists, seeking to undermine and overturn the Constitution for over 100 years. The "Voting Rights Act" is as aptly named as the "Affordable Health Care Act" that caused all of our insurance rates to skyrocket last year. No one challenges the rights of legitimate American voters, but the 1965 law is now being used to complicate regulations, thwarting prevention and prosecution of fraud and voting by non-citizens. This devalues your vote and mine.

Nor are Conservatives (Republican or not) "the same as Southern Politicians" who opposed "amendments that gave rights to slaves". Those would be the Southern Democrats, who, like their poster boy George Wallace, fought against education, voting and other equal rights. Abraham Lincoln (R) signed the Emancipation Proclamation. Democrats fought it and the new Amendments, supporting violence and discrimination against minorities, until they discovered financial enslavement via welfare and population control via Planned Parenthood (aka "the Negro Project").

Research it yourself.

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