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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Up to speed, Pt II (source links pending)

A few more notes, updated for a “fast breaking” week.

~ President Obama’s re-election committee (CREEP) has launched a new public outreach program. This committee is under the total, if not direct, control of Obama himself. Much like Stalin, Hitler and other totalitarians, Obama now has a widely advertized, well organized snitch program. That is, they are asking civilians to report to the system “anything fishy” that might be an attack on Obama or his policies (accurate and justified, or not). This, by the way, is not the first time. Obama has had other such taxpayer supported sites. Much like the now-sanitized but strictly partisan/political http://www.whitehouse.gov/realitycheck/ and the now-disabled but much worse, Stalisneque snitch program, flag@whitehouse.[dot]gov (that’s right, official, taxpayer funded, government computer, Whitehouse efforts) Obama’s “attack watch” seeks to spread his ideology, chill opposition viewpoints by fear, and to actually encourage Americans to turn in their neighbors, friends and family members for investigation by the government.

These illegal programs, like so many others (including several on-line “fact checking” sites) are scripted and/or underwritten by Soros. The Government has a right and duty to state the truth, but not to encourage the spying on or reporting of other citizens for expressing their views or understanding of facts. As source linked above, the Hatch act (1939) says partisan, political speech may be created and disseminated by private, political sources, but NOT from the White House or any other government entity or facility.

~ A Longshoremen’s’ Union (those that transfer cargo at piers) attacked and rioted at a grain pier on 9-8 in Longview, Washington. This was just three days after Union boss James Hoffa (son of Jimmy Hoffa, the mob connected Union boss that disappeared decades ago and now likely resides under an off-ramp or bridge abutment) insulted and threatened Republicans and conservative Americans on the same stage as, and during the introduction of, Obama. Obama praised Hoffa and his comments.

Back to Longview: armed union thugs assaulted a private, gated pier, battered and held hostage 6 Transit Authority officers (always felonies), vandalized cars and buildings, cut rail car brake lines (a.k.a. “train wrecking”, always a felony), and generally acted like frustrated union members. That is: truculent, narcissistic, tantrum-throwing, armed-and-dangerous children. The reason? Port authorities had decided to switch from non-union labor (so that your goods cost 20% less), but not the “right” union. They went with an existing union with a reputation of doing good work with minimal graft and damage. The Longshoremens’ Union took exeption to that - - in the middle of the night. With clubs and other weapons.

Initially, only two arrests for (gasp) trespassing were made when reinforcements arrived. A week later, several misdemeanor and felony arrests were made, with more on the way. This probably came as a shock to the entitled Longshoremen, since the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board)* was recently packed by Obama with, not pro labor members, but rabid, Socialist, Union advocates. 

*There is no confirmation that the entity has been re-named the NUUAB (National Unions Uber Alles Board), even though they earlier ruled illegally that Boeing cannot build an assembly plant in South Carolina, hiring 1,000 additional workers and helping the economy. That’s because they want to call it a “move” from Washington State (a union paradise) to SC. All 5,000 employees will be retained at the still-producing Washington facility, and 1,000 new hires would fill out the SC site. But SC is an everybody has a “right to work” state rather than a “you must work for the unions or you don’t work” anti-labor state, so we’d rather see them move their plant to China, like Jeffery Immelt (Obama’s new Jobs [exporting] Council Chairman) did with his G.E. Airliner Division.

~ In a special election in New York’s solidly Democratic 9th District, voters Tuesday chose a new Congressman. This was to replace staunch Progressive Socialist “representative” Anthony Wiener, who resigned in disgrace after waving his - - well, you know - - all over the internet in front of girls and young women. NY-9, with 70% Democratic registered voters (three times the GOP), was also the seat of staunch Progressive Socialist Chuck Schumer before he moved up to the Senate. In fact, it has been 100% Democratic for over 70 years and is considered the most liberal the State. To make matters worse, Liberal icon Bill Clinton made robo-calls to support the new DNC comrade, David Weprin.

Democratic National Committee Commisar - - er, Chairperson - - Debbie Wasserman Schultz, suddenly decided (after polls showed a lost cause) that NY-9 is a “very difficult” district for Democrats, after Republican and political newcomer Bob Turner won in a repudiation not only of Obama, but the entire Progressive agenda.

Another Special election, in Nevada saw a different reversal. Though mildy Republican by voter registration, NV-2 went to Obama in 2008 by a scant 88 votes (49%-49%). Last week, Mark Amodi fought back the whole raft of Leftist Medicare, environmental and jobs propaganda, to win with a margin of 58%-36% in a district thought to be swinging from red to blue.

~ In 2009, Obama directed his Energy Department to pick up on a Bush policy, considering guaranteeing the loans of various industries to promote growth. Bush’s Office of Budgetary Management had already considered Solyndra Energy, a solar panel manufacturer in California. After a long investigation, they deferred, concluding that it was not a good risk of the people’s tax money. [In the humble opinion of SophosArchaeus, the Feds have no business “investing” or speculating in any company, and should leave it to the private sector. If an industry is critical to growth, government might work out industry-wide tax credits for good performance or other “environmental” streamlining.]

Millionaire investor George Kaiser made/bundled massive donations to Obama’s 2008 campaign - - the one he ran on private donations after duping McCain into committing to limited, public funding. Kaiser also heavily invested in Solyndra, as did several other Obama cronies. Just weeks after inauguration, Obama’s OBM was directed to pick up and speed up the Solyndra loans. Emails released under a F.O.I. order, show that career investigators and attorneys repeatedly pushed back against White House Pressure to fast-track the approval. Two are representative: the White House should ‘set political schedules based on the investigation, not the other way around’ and at least one projection that Solyndra was not viable and would go bankrupt (lots of evidence - -they were throwing away $100,000 worth of defective product, daily) in September 2011 . Solyndra went bankrupt in September 2011. Unfortunately, the Loan guarantees were made 2 years earlier.

The Obama administration guaranteed $527 million (that’s over half a billion dollars) worth of investors’ loans. That means that the taxpayers would cover the loans like insurance. The other thing that the Obama White House did that Bush’s did not, was to allow the loans to be restructured (after the insolvency became likely) to place the U.S. last in line for repayment behind Kaiser and other Obama/DNC cronies for repayment. They get reimbursed, we who had no say in the “investment” do not.
Worse news: Obama Dept of Energy guarantees now cover (in similar fashion) over $20 billion in loans, ostensibly to “save or create” only 3545 jobs. That’s $5,641,749.00 per job; assuming that the ever-optimistic Obama numbers are even close to accurate. That’s 100% coverage of all the wages of a 30 year career at over $188,000 per year, per “job”. Those favored few companies that the Obama White House decides will be winners in his version of Capitalism have no expenses at all in these C.E.O. level salaries; the people do.
Meanwhile, the country is over $14 trillion in debt (14 thousand billions) in debt right now (more than all presidents from Washington through Bush 43 combined) and unemployment is again increasing from 9.1% (not counting the millions of workers that have fallen out of official unemployment) and the U.S. credit rating has been downgraded for the first time in history. Any questions as to why the Federal Government ought to stick to its Constitutionally legal, Enumerated Powers, stick to necessary and lawful regulation, and leave venture Capitalism to the private sector?

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