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Monday, January 10, 2011

Tragedy, not opportunity [the short Tucson article]

 [NOTE: source linking to be in long article, Tucson a tragedy, not an opportunity]
By now the unspeakable shooting of 19 innocent people in Tucson is well known, and facts are coming out.  The promising 9 year old girl, the respected Federal Judge and the others who died did not deserve random attack.  The moderate Representative did not deserve to be targeted by an animal.  The others that were hurt or killed and their families did not deserve to be traumatized.

Unfortunately, many immediately jumped on the political opportunism bandwagon.  The self-proclaimed Progressive Secretary of State called for global gun control, (falsely) equating foreign terrorists with "American extremists".

A NY Times columnist lost no time in (wrongfully) tying the Tea Party movement into the attacks.  He cited a 'vulnerable seat target' map so that he could blame Palin, but ignores a nearly identical Democratic map by the DNC, one cycle before.

The Constitutional office of County Sheriff requires avoiding politics, maintaining calm and protecting major investigations.  Unfortunately, the Pima County Sheriff did none of these, but instead chose to (incorrectly) blame conservative radio, cable and internet commentators for inflaming hatred and call Arizona "the mecca for prejudice and bigotry".

At least one Progressive organization (21st Century Democrats) has already seized on the tragedy in a cynical fund-raiser, arguing imaginary links to Republicans.

Of course, many that are routinely misinformed like this are ready to spin further out.  Comments in papers and web sites include things like "I KNEW the Tea Party would do this! They are all haters" and "Palin [or other conservative] has blood on her hands".

As more facts surface, only some specifically indicate a Socialist viewpoint for the shooter, Loughner.  Most point to outright derangement, but everything he said and did indicates a pathological OPPOSITION to all that conservatives, Tea Party members and believe in:
> unnecessary violence; Right to life is key.  Vast Tea Party rallies have not even resulted in litter, let alone right-on-left violence that propagandists constantly warn against (some assaults against the conservatives). 
> denying God; Loughner specifically disrespected God and appears to have anti-Semitic ties (named target Giffords is Jewish).
> National Socialist "Mein Kampf" and the "Communist Manifesto" listed as 'favorite books'.
> Disrespectfully burning the American flag.
> Disrupting classes and shouting "18!" (neo-Nazi code for Hitler).
> Finally, Giffords opposes excessive spending and supports effective border protection and the Second Amendment, as did Judge Roll.

Too many still believe earlier lies about Timothy McVeigh being a "Christian" or "right wing" terrorist.  In fact, the mass murderer was a self-proclaimed Agnostic that quoted Socialist poetry on his way to the death chamber.  Leftists have tried unsuccessfully to paint every attack in recent history as "right wing".

Loughner appears irrational, not political.  But it's the left end of the scale that he fell off.

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