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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Brief notes on assasination(s) in Tucson

Prayers for the victims, bystanders and families of the shooting in Tucson: Judge Roll (killed), Rep Giffords, (critical), a nine year old child (killed), three others reported killed [as of 1320 hrs, Pacific time] and 13 other wounded.

 - - - -
As I wrote in my blog's introduction months ago, violence is a last-resort, self-defense answer.  No matter what this idiot "Jared Loughner" (I will not put his name in the same section as the victims) thinks his politics are, he is NOT a conservative.  A conservative does not mindlessly attack others. That is reckless, not conservative.
A conservative does not turn defense into a wild spray of bullets that injures others, especially children.  That is soulless disregard for others, not conservative.
A rambling, psychotic sounding message left behind by the apparent shooter only shows a scrambled thinking process obsessed with "dreaming", "currency", "grammar" and "government mind control" as well as the Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf as favorite books; not measured and reasoned conservatism.

One note of optimism in this tragedy:  apparently one armed citizen returned fire, allowing other patriots (presumably a mix of R's, D's and I's) to take him down physically.  A second person is in some sort of custody.  Americans need to be able and ready to stand up for each other. 

I urge everyone to be aware and under control.  Some will try to exploit this "crisis" to ban arms (clearly counterproductive and against Gifford's own position), to otherwise attack the Right (or left), or goad others into rash actions.  Don't give the idiot a payoff.

More on this topic shortly.
Sophos Archaeus

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