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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just a reminder:

As we move forward toward a year of Republican-held Congress trying to slow, stop and reverse the damaging 5 TRILLION dollars of debt (more than all presidents from Washington through Clinton and more than triple the debt of Bush 43) added to the troubles that our economy is fighting through, it may be helpful to visualize some of the terms involved and remember who did what.  Almost half has not yet been spent, or has been spent without enough accounting to be able to say where it went.  Much of it turned out to be given to foreign countries or crony-owned companies.

Many thanks to "10000 pennies" for his entertaining and informative pair of videos.  They're concise, accurate and un-boring.  10k shows us the 'stimulus vs jobs' numbers and the recent announcement (with much fanfare) by Obama that his administration will reduce spending by a whopping $100 million.(!)

Meanwhile, a newly conservative House of Representatives wants to do away with every dollar of wasteful, inefficient or inappropriate spending, which continues to be mocked by the Left.
And [THIS JUST IN], Illinois - - the home of gangsters, "Chicaco politics" (Daly, Blagovich and now Emanuel), Barrack Obama's years of community organizing, legal practice, state legislature experience, U.S. Senate position, and cronies' base - - just passed a 66% increase in their income tax.  That's 2/3 MORE taxes, all in one lump.  If you need a moving van in Illinois, book it quickly; every productive businessman, entrepreneur, and investor will be moving out, soon!

The jobs "saved or created" in the first year after Progressives' magical "stimulus" bill (a trillion dollars):

The effect of the "deep cuts" to spending promised by Obama and the Democrats:

Thanks again to the creative mind and patient penny stacking of 10000 Pennies

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