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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chimeras don't patch

 Let's face it: the "Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act" is a monster.  A jumbled jigsaw puzzle.  A mindless conglomeration.  A monster.  A chimera.  It's a dangerous,  mis-matched, hodge-podge of badly assembled, illegal and counter productive double-talk that is based in a 2,400 page jumble of contradictory lies.  It has almost nothing to do with actual improvement of health care; rather it hides a massive power grab behind a few cheap public relations give-aways and scheduling tricks.  Its true nature and cost will not even fully kick in until Obama is safely off the hook in 2015.  Other than that, it's just as honest, positive and Constitutional as the "Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act", the "Veterans Health Care Budget Reform and Transparency Act", the "Paycheck Fairness Act", the "Employee Free Choice Act" and the "Pretty, Pretty Pony, This Won't Hurt a Bit Act".  All tossed into a blender along with a metric ton of plutonium and Ricin nerve agent.

Thus, the famous Pelosi "joke's on you" line (kind of like a Nancy Pandora's box):

It's fairly obvious to anyone that wants to see it, that you can't add millions of additional patients (and a vast, intervening bureaucracy), mandate a lot of additional services (whether you want them or not) and still "save a trillion dollars".  Even though it has been accurately reported that the Progressives "secret" Doctor Fix bill will cost another un-funded $250 billion dollars and they double counted (as used for the original, mandated purposes and stripped to be used to pay for Obamacare) half a trillion more ($500,000,000) in a rather comical attempt to appear "paid for", the Left didn't even come close to complying with their own "pay as you go" rules.  And that still doesn't include the as-yet uncreated offices, departments and agencies to help the I.R.S. and HHS impose this nightmare on us.

So, many people have gotten together to remind our Representatives to do what they were elected to do: uphold, support and defend the Constitution by repealing the thing, and replacing it with the 4 or 5 small (less than 100 pages), common-sense, single-issue bills that will impose meaningful regulation and open the health insurance industry up to competition that will force them to keep costs down.  Here's a video explanation and petition to help them remember:
[please take a look and consider signing]

Basically, if they know they have to lie, cheat, bribe and endanger in order to force a bill over the clear and repeated objections of the People, the Progressives are just not to be trusted.  We are still discovering flaws, booby traps and hidden deals for cronies almost 2 years later.  So, being as coherent as an avalanche of ice, sewage, jellybeans, lava and strychnine, it isn't amenable to  "fixing".  It needs to be eliminated and replaced with what the People asked for in the first place.  Remember, most of the provisions and costs were jiggered to make them become effective in the fourth through the ninth years.

Yes, everyone (especially the conservative Representatives) know that there is almost no chance of a repeal bill getting past the Senate, and if it did, President Obama would veto it without bothering to sit down at the Resolute Desk with a stack of ceremonial pens.  Plan 'A' is not to kill it legislatively (before 2013, anyway) but to get on record the actual voting position of those that claimed to oppose Obamacare to gain votes in the November mid-term elections.  The PotUS will have to act, rather than dissemble as a would-be moderate.  After that, the House of Representatives will simply buckle down and deny funding to any and all components of the radioactive freak, starving it until it collapses; as the many, well grounded, widely supported, Constitutional lawsuits cut its heart out.

When it is gone, a trillion dollars will immediately disappear from our list of future indebtedness.  Medicare and Medicaid will no longer be threatened by loss of budget at the same time that millions would have been stuffed into their ranks. A huge, toxic obstacle to more hiring will evaporate.  Since the stock market has already been growing and is straining to break free, growth and productivity will explode.  Government rosters and costs will stop growing and shrink.  Many anti-Constitutional, Socialists and grasping Progressive cronies will be sad and disappointed. Illegal aliens will have one less big, fat reason to infiltrate our country.

Hm...  Have I wandered into "hate speech" against this illegal, inanimate, dangerous, patchwork monster?


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