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Friday, January 21, 2011

UPDATE: the anatomy and destruction of a chimera (facts about Obamacare)

And now, Representative Paul Ryan explains (using an arcane technique called "honest facts") why the entire Affordable Health and Student Loan Ripoff and National Bilking (or whatever the laughable title was) bill is unworkable and unrepairable.  It is rife with tricks, fraud, errors, inefficiency, mismanagement, faulty logic and Socialist scheming, unconcerned with quality health care and its sustainability into the future.

Our new Representatives were true to their word, and passed the House Repeal act.  They know that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, afraid it might just pass, is refusing to let bill even be introduced on the floor and that Obama would veto it if it passed.  But now is put up or shut up time, and 3 Democrats joined the unanimous Republicans in passing the House bill on its first rollcall.

Meanwhile, 28 States are now pursuing lawsuits against the unconstitutional slime creature.  That's right: more than half of the States (which created the United States federal government with the People's Constitution) officially oppose the Socialist push, as do the majority of individual Americans.  Not racism, or greed, or nationalism, or blindness, or masochism.  Just clarity and math based on all the facts, for the well-being of future generations rather than hidden agendas, corruption and arrogant, personal power.


  1. Dirty Harry may also be preventing the vote in order that the 23 democratic senators in red states who are up for re-election in 2012 don't have to have the vote on record (assuming they don't just cave and vote for the repeal).

  2. I agree. If they were to actually vote the way their constituents wish (61% favoring total or partial repeal, nationwide; higher in red states), there's a fair chance that it would actually get the necessary votes (60 for cloture, 67 for passage of the bill). Some of those who called out, shot at or otherwise dissed Obamacare to get re-elected would actually stick to that position, and they'd have a hard time allotting the 'yes' votes to all that want them without cutting the margin too thin and having it tip.
    Then it would be Obama himself that has to openly thwart the will of the people with the veto pen, and he'd lose the handful of points he picked up after his smoke-and-mirrors "civility" speech.

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