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Saturday, March 27, 2010

SYLLABUS: Restoring the Republic, 101

Almost everyone, left and right, will agree that our Republic needs some repair, restoration or improvement. The difference is in the method and its details, and who will honorably represent (as in Congressional "Representative" or "Representative Democracy" [i.e. Republic]) the will of the People within the constraints of the Constitution.

There will be many candidates coming and going in many races between now and November and then on to 2012, 2014, and our future. Many will be "Republican", "conservative", "Tea Party", "Independent" or "Democrat". A few claiming these labels will actually be Progressive, which means, "pushing the Republic toward Marxism by small, sneaky steps" whenever they cannot get big, far-reaching take-overs.

Think of legitimate representation as a river: it all goes from, say the northern Mid-west to the Gulf of Mexico. However, there are eddies, cross-currents, different flow rates at the top center and the sides and bottom, tributaries joining in, etc. Any "drop of water" (potential representative) that can prove that it goes from Minnesota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Chicago (and all the rest) to the Gulf, should be considered "acceptable" in the cause.

What we cannot allow are those who would pollute the river with Progressive sewage that kills our schools of fish; who would block the flow and knock down the levies to flood our homes and businesses to make them useless; or to dynamite the hillsides and dam the river completely, denying the water to the People altogether.

Since from a historic, economic perspective the Socialist thing is unsustainable as well as dishonest and un-American, the "cause" is to slow, stop and eventually reverse the anti-Constitutional slide. How far we go and the details for getting there are arguable. Go all the way back to the 10th Amendment? The 17th? Keep Social Security (etc) or find a way to fairly replace such entitlements?

Here's the point of all this. There will be candidates that will claim the power of the conservative resurgence, that are literally all over the map as far as the above details are concerned. There will also be a few frauds among them: unknowns that claim to be conservative, but are just waiting for their chance to take a constitutionalist's seat and use it to damage free enterprise or the limits on the federal government.

So, we must do whatever vetting we can (old videos of speeches to Marxist buddies, conservative questionnaires, etc) to validate someone as genuine and then do everything in our power to avoid trashing any candidate that will advance the cause, even when we think our guy is better. Then, after primary elections, we must ALL back the most acceptable and most electable candidate, because the alternative is to split the vote or discourage conservative voters and hand the election to a leftist.

My guy is "Steve" and I disagree with conservative candidate "Bob". But, if it is a choice between Steve who is only pulling 7%, and Bob who is pulling 39%, against "Jerry the Progressive" who is pulling 35-45% I will vote for Bob and give other "Bobists" a ride to the polls to boot. Jerry would sell my mom to the Soylent Green factory for cash on the side, but Bob just disagrees about the language in tightening immigration control.

CERTAINLY disagree and push for the best man or woman you can find. But when it gets close to November 7th, urge everyone you see to be realistic and do the most effective thing possible, not some ego trip "message" that will be ignored, or stay home and sulk over details that can be argued about later. Don't give the United States an "F" answer in Restoring the Republic.

Keep the fires bright! REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER!

- - - -
...and for the goodness sake, minimize unproductive insults and keep violence or talk of violence out of the issue.

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