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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back to school, professor.

In "Health care and democracy" (Daily Bulletin March 23),
Renford Reese, PhD (director of"Colorful Flags" [trans-
nationalism] at Cal Poly) takes a wonderful flight of
fancy. Unfortunately, he tries to impose it as fact upon

Reese refers several times to his teachings about the
American Democracy and the stubbornness of conservatives.
Um, professor? The Republicans - - and dozens of Democrats
- - are trying to follow our Constitution; and the United
States is a free country, but NOT a Democracy. It never
has been.

Though most readers have been taught otherwise by Progressive
teachers since 1913, we have a Republic. That is, a
government whose authority comes SOLELY from the People, but
whose daily business is done by elected representatives.
They are SWORN to uphold the will of their constituents, but
within the limits of the Constitution. The Constitution
must be amended, not ignored, when things change.

A "Democracy" is where everyone votes on everything.
Obviously, on a scale as large as a state or the United
States, this is impractical in the extreme. It has always
fallen quickly into anarchy (chaos), which is why it has so
often been pushed by the international Socialist/Communist
agenda. It makes countries vulnerable to any group ready to
step in and seize power: 1917 Russia, 1933 Germany (National
Socialist, not "far right"), 1937 China, today's Greece;
dozens of them.

When they were revealed after 1913, the "American
Communists" changed to "Progressives" in the United States,
because our system was strong and we always had smart,
independent citizens that would defend their Constitution.
'Progressive' means 'little steps toward Socialism' and then
on to Communism. They slowly took over the schools and
"community organizing", instead of a palace.

But now the People have caught on again. More than 75% want
improvements, but oppose the illegal health care takeover and
the dirty, corrupt politics to get it. They know that despite
the lies, it does not add up. 'Free medical care' with it's
hidden side-bills will bankrupt the nation and damage the best
health care in the world. Reese calls this knowledge "hubris",
"ideology" and "mean-spiritedness". When their clear and
repeated will was ignored and even ridiculed (Reese's "vibrant
debates"), Americans got angry. Their families' well-being
is threatened.

Pelosi's "in your face" parade last Sunday was recorded from
many angles. None of them shows anyone spitting, nor anyone
wiping their coat or face. None of them have "the N word" on
tape (let alone "15 times"). There is only one (not 2) anti-
Constitutional Congressman pointing and shouting
unprofessionally at a protester. In past cases, leftist plants
have been proved to stage such things, but no one has shown
that in this case.

Despite Reese's claims - - and liberal media assertions - -
there have been no (zero) acts of violence by conservatives.
FOX news and others constantly warn against it. The teacher
shooter, the plane crasher, the Ft. Hood shooter and the rest
all left behind leftist or trans-nationalist writings or were
members of anti-Constitution groups. That famous "racist with
an assault rifle" was an altered picture of a nice,
conservative, black man. Heck, the 1.8 million conservative
marchers in Washington D.C. (and millions of others across the
country) on 9-12-09 didn't even leave any trash.

Sorry, professor: you get an 'F'.


  1. ...please note that, if someone someone DID call "representative" Cleaver a rude name, two things:
    Clever needs to get a thick skin if he's going to go against the will of the People, AND the protester should have been rebuked by the other protesters - - the way the SINGLE racist that I have seen was shouted down when he allowed himself to get suckered into an argument.

  2. Happy to see your article. I just read an article he posted in our local paper, and within a few minutes I found his close friends at colorful flags are Socialist. I plan on responding to our paper but don't expect them to publish it. they've refused to print anything i write about what this government is doing to us. I writing anyway, and if unsuccessful i plan on contacting one of their reporters to see if they will follow up and maybe ask the kind professor about his Socialist background.l


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