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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Problems with numbers

Richard Cohen writes ("Self-interest", 3-24) that the "health care" fight is over. It might be, if Americans roll over and abandon both the Constitution and their historic willingness to face down tyrants and keep getting back up. He says that it took so long (though it is not yet settled) because "the culture is about evenly divided". This is patently untrue, like most statistics from the left these days. Even before 2009's massive shift away from Obama and his Progressives, Americans described themselves as "conservative" 2 to 1 over "liberal". They and independents bought the reasonable-sounding half of Obama's speeches, because the liberal media never showed the Socialist ones (search on-line).

Cohen says that Republicans' vision is to "deny others", since they have been defending our Constitutional right (from our Creator, not any politician who can take it back) of every American to keep what they work for, against massive, unequal redistribution of OUR money to those who do not. When faced with a string of unconstitutional, corrupt and ruinous bills, the correct action for a sincere minority in Congress IS a "culture of no". Our most-generous-in-the-world system is for government to be at a bare minimum, and family, friends, churches and charities VOLUNTARILY helping the needy. Those groups are now starving for funds because of the TRILLIONS extracted and wasted (billions in "jobs" funds to foreign countries and cronies, etc) by the Progressives in power. Even Robin Hood only "stole" from oppressive Prince John the Usurper.

Cohen likes Germany's system better. Or France's. Mostly, he likes Japan's. Mr. Cohen, go THERE. Leave our system alone. The CONSTITUTIONAL United States has twice saved, or defeated and rebuilt, each of those older countries, and out-produced all of them together (throw in Switzerland, too). Foreigners come HERE (if they can afford the trip) for treatment, and NO ONE in the U.S. is ever denied free treatment in a clinic or E.R., including those in Obama's distorted sob-stories. Massachusetts' socialized experiment drove costs up and service down. Every Socialist country is a mess; look at "peaceful" Greece this week.

The anger and determination seen this last year will only multiply. The People will REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER. And in 2012. And 2014. This disaster WILL be repealed.

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