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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Which came first?

[Please note that I am an American.  As such, I
have a (rather naive) predisposition to believe
that almost  everyone is basically good, like me,
given the chance.  I am also a Christian, so not
only do I want it to be that most people are good,
I want to give them extra chances to become 
good.This "character flaw" is rampant in the 
U.S.A., evinced by our current president being 
elected and, despite massive evidence, still 
hanging onto his job; with 1/3 of the people still 
inexplicably giving him positive ratings.]

We have heard a lot recently about “Islamophobia”.  A phobia is an “unreasoning or obsessive fear”, like fear of the outside (agoraphobia) or fear of the number 13 (triskaidekaphobia).  Now, if one is in orbit and not wearing a space suit, refusing to go outside is not unreasonable.  If one is being chased by 13 armed thugs, running like crazy is not due to a phobia.

Let’s examine our past interactions with Islam to see if our concerns are phobic, or if we possibly even caused the problems in the first place.  Did American aggression or arrogance drive otherwise peaceful Muslims to try to kill us all, or are they just lethally opposed to our way of life?  The simplistic, Leftist answer is that President George W. Bush drove most of the Middle East into an anti-American frenzy.  Pseudo-intellectuals might tell you that Americans have historically abused hapless Arabs.  I think there is more to be found.
Here is a time-line (assembled from many authorities) of significant exchanges between Islam and the West, especially Americans.  It runs from most recent to most distant.  We’ll find the point at which helpful, well-meaning Muslims patiently held out the hand of friendship and brotherhood and were arrogantly or repeatedly slapped down.

~ Civilian court trial of 2008 U.S. Embassy bomber Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani in doubt as key witness to detailed knowledge may be “hearsay”.
~ Construction finally underway on the new World Trade Center. More important to most Americans, the memorial is finally in progress for the 2,753 innocent civilians in NYC (not including 224 murdered at our Pentagon or at Shanksville Pennsylvania, and excluding the hijackers), who just went to work or got on a plane.
~ “Cordoba House” (after 9th century Victory Mosque in Spain) Mosque and Islamic center will cast a shadow on the 9-11 memorial.  Imam Faisal Rauf wants U.S. to obey Sharia Law rather than Constitution and says “extremists will attack if the Mosque is moved”.  Obama supports the Mosque and hires Rauf as a representative of American’s views.
~ A Seattle cartoonist suggests “draw Mohammad Day” (against Sharia law of “trivializing” the prophet) and Islam issues a “Fatwa” or death edict.  She goes into hiding.
~ U.S. Troops continue well-advertized, unconditional withdrawal from Iraq; an unconditional withdrawal from Afghanistan was announced months ago.

Aug 2010:
~ Yemenis Ahmed Mohamed Nasser al Soofi and Hezam al Murisi, rendezvous at Ohare airport and alter itineraries to Netherlands, while both are carrying large amounts of cash, knives and simulated bombs in their luggage.  U.S. security fails again; discovery and arrest are in Amsterdam.  Administration announces “no terrorist connection, they don’t even appear to know each other”.  Per U.S. authorities, both are released.
~ Charges against Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri of Al Qaida, only USS Cole terrorist ever arrested,are dropped by Obama/Holder Justice Dept.  No explanation given; “no charges are either pending or contemplated in the near future.”
~ Latest FBI stats: hate crime victims are 70% Jewish, 10% “other”, 8% Islamic, 8% Christian.
[fewer items and details...]
May 2010: Times Square bomb attempt by Faisal Shahzad.  “Not terrorism” per White House; actually tied to Taliban.
2009/2010: Daily attacks by Al Qaida, Taliban, Hamas kill: U.S. and allied troops, Israeli civilians and opposing Islamic factions. Iran repeats promises to annihilate Israel, their nuclear weapons program essentially unopposed.
Dec 2009: Underwear bomber Abdulmutallab defeats TSA security, lights defective bomb over Detroit (122,000 lb A-330 aircraft with 300 passengers, 15,000 gal. of jet fuel) on Christmas Eve. “Not terrorism”; actually trained by Al Qaida.
Nov 2009: Failing Army psychiatrist, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan shoots unarmed troops at Ft. Hood, Texas, murdering 13 and wounding 32.  “Not terrorism related” per Obama, coached by Al Qaida.
Sept 2009: Attempted NYC subway bombing by Najibullah Zazi.  “Not terror related”; first new U.S. attempt by AL Qaida.
July 2009: Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, convicted “Lockerbie Bomber” of Pan Am flight 103 (270 passengers, crew and Scottish villagers killed)  released for “humanitarian” reasons (fatal illness).  Healthy as of 9-19-2010.
Apr 2009: President Obama, bows deeply to King Saud of Muslim Saudi Arabia.  (Bow not returned.)
Jan 2009: Obama/Gates Defense Dept cancels all military tribunals, including those that pleaded guilty (Khalid Sheik Mohammad, Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, et al).
[even shorter...]
Jan 2006: Egyptian parliament member Hamida: “Quran commands us to commit terrorism, so why are we afraid?
Nov 2005: Muslims riot in France for Sharia “rights”.
July 2005: Subway bombings in London kill 52 civilians.  More attempts 2 weeks later.
June 2004: WTC Mosque Imam Rauf, writes “Call to prayer from the rubble of the World Trade Center; Dawa [conquest] in America” in Indonesia. English title: “What’s right with America is what’s right with Islam”.
Apr 2004: Abu Ghraib abuse revealed (occurred 2002/2003).  Responsible soldiers prosecuted.
Mar 2004: Madrid train bombings by Al Qaida kill 191, Spain pulls out of Iraq.
2002/present: U.S. and coalition attack terrorists and allies in Afghanistan and Iraq. Over 4,000 casualties.
Sep 2001: WTC, Pentagon and White House attacks.  2,977 civilians and first responders killed.  Hijacked plane bound for White House retaken by unarmed passengers and crashed “harmlessly” into Pennsylvania field.  Al Qaida.
Jan 2001: G.W. Bush inaugurated.
Dec 2000: U.S.S. Cole attacked in Yemen; 17 Sailors killed.  Al Qaida Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri arrested in U.A.E. and surrendered to U.S.
1998: Bombings at U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, 174 civilians killed.
1995: U.S. defends Muslims, Croats in Bosnian Civil War.
1993: Truck bombing of WTC.  6 Killed, 1000 wounded.  Plan: “knock tower 1 into tower 2, killing 50,000”
1989: Brit Salman Rushdie writes “Satanic Verses”, Fatwa for his murder misses, others die.
1988: Pan Am 103 bombed in flight, crashes into Lockerbie, Scotland.  270 civilian passengers and villagers killed.
1988/1986: Libyans bomb German disco killing 2 U.S. soldiers; U.S. bombs Libyan military; “Islamic Jihad” retaliates in May 1988, bombing Italian USO, killing 5.
1979: Jihadis storm Mecca Haj in Saudi Arabia; thousands hostage, hundreds die.
1972: “Black September” storms Munich Olympic dormitory, murder 11 Israeli athletes.
1948/present: Constant attacks on Israel and allies’ civilians. Many thousands of men, women, children.
1948: Israel recognized by U.N. in Judea, called “Palestine” after Philistine invaders (arrive 300 years after Hebrews and 900 years before Islam).
1939/1945: WWII (Afrika Korps, etc).
1933: Egypt (Abdul Gamel Nasser) and Syria (Anton Saada) import German-style National Socialism into Islamic states.
1932: Oil discovered/developed in Middle East by Americans and Brit companies; Arab states become rich.
1924 Muslim Brotherhood founded by Islamic states; create AL Qaida, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Black September and 20 other groups
1918: WWI ends; Germany and allied Islamic Turkey lost.
                        [cut to the chase]
1815: U.S. armada ordered to Tripoli by President Madison.  U.S. captures Algerian flagship and advances on Tunis. With Dutch and British bombardment, U.S. forces surrender of “Barbary states”.
1809/1815: Hostilities with British and war of 1812, Barbary patrols cut back.
1804: Stephen Decatur and 67 volunteers aboard USS Intrepid attack the former Philadelphia in Tripoli harbor and burn it. 
1803: USS Philadelphia runs aground, captured as “gift of Allah”. Crew of 307 enslaved.
1801: President Jefferson ends tribute to pirates. The Dey of Tripoli attacks consulate when tribute demand is refused. Jefferson orders 6 new warships to the Mediterranean.
1794: President Washington signs authorization for six frigates to defend U.S. “against Algerian corsairs.".
1790: Jefferson, Washington's Secretary of State, recommends declaration of war. Senate opts for ransom.
1789: Stronger Constitution adopted, with more power for defense.
1786: Jefferson, ambassador to France and John Adams, ambassador to Britain, meet in London with Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja, emissary of the Dey of Algiers to discuss protection of Americans.  They asked Adja why Muslims were so hostile, despite no prior contact.
Adja said that Islam knew that America invented freedom of religion and "it was written in their Quran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Musselman [sic] who should be slain in Battle was sure to go to Paradise."
1776: U.S. declares Independence.  Weak “Confederation” pays ransoms to pirates.
1678: Pirates seize 14 American ships and crews in one year.
1625: Earliest reported attack by Barbary pirates on merchant ships from American colonies.  Attacks escalate.
1550: Attacks by “Barbary Pirates” (corrupted from “Berber” North African home ports) across Mediterranean.  Non-Muslim ships attacked, passengers and crew killed or captured and cargo stolen.  Spreads beyond Europe.  European powers usually pay tribute or ransom.
1387: Muslim advance on Europe stopped by Serbs at Kosovo.
900-1300: Islamic expansion and counter-Crusades.  Christians enslaved, Christian Europe retaliates from 1099 ("liberation" of Jerusalem). 
700-900: Various empires and Caliphates rule Jerusalem.
705: Al-Aqsa Mosque built on ruins of Solomon’s Temple in captured Jerusalem.
858: Islamic Moores capture Cordoba Spain and build victory Mosque on rubble of Christian cathedral; one of hundreds.
632-700AD: Prophet Mohammed creates Islam, writes Quran over lifetime; peaceful at first, becoming increasingly harsh.  He tries benign proselytization in Mecca, succeeds with forced conversion [“Dawa”] in Medina.  Expanding Islam eventually rivals Rome for total area subjugated. 

I found little causal fault in the Americans, other than espousing freedom of religion.  It appears that Islam simply self-authorizes conquest and theological correctness (as did Xerxes' Persia and other primitive cultures).
 - - - -
I cut off the time-line here,  since both the United States and Islam have gone out of existence. The only other item of note is protoHebrews (Isreal and Judah tribes) arriving in Judea around 1200 BC and Philistines (source of "Palestine") arriving +/- 800 BC, probably from Greece.  Other item of trivia: Jerusalem was called "Urusalim" as early as its Bronze age king Abdi-Heba, though its many conquerors gave it various names.

Principal sources (individual hyperlinks too numerous in this article).  Feel free to research:

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