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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Be accurate…

…while pushing your “political correctness”.  Five letters in the 9-25-10 Public Forum of the Chino Champion attacked the First Amendment in the name of P.C. No published letters represented most Americans' beliefs or the state of the law. 

Each invokes “separation of church and state” in trying to limit churches and the religious.  This phrase does not exist in the Constitution or Declaration of Independence.  Thomas Jefferson used it once in a letter, assuring fellow Christians that government is restrained by the 1st Amendment, not religion.  His church was just as protected as the ‘popular’ church in his town. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion [promote a “state” religion while barring others] or prohibiting the free exercise thereof [limiting the rights of the various churches in any way]”.
Not a believer?  No problem.  You have a right to opt out and ignore religion, but NOT to restrict others’ religious rights.  “Separation” was embellished 100 years ago by Progressive Socialists, about the same time they stopped calling themselves “the American Communist Party” (now just “Progressives”, Liberals”A or Democrats).  Like the much abused ‘commerce clause’ (the excuse for the unconstitutional “health care” takeover), they try to apply it to everything, even individuals’ non-commerce (let alone interstate) activity.

Nearly every session of the Burgesses, Continental Congress, Constitutional Convention, etc, opened and closed with a prayer.  Many of these are recorded.  While they were generally mild, each leader’s prayer was given according to his own tradition.  Since God is beyond our power to try to define or limit Him, the others just overlooked any dogma.

Even increasingly liberal Supreme Courts have ruled that there is no authority to exclude religion from public places, as long as no single religion is promoted at public expense or the exclusion of others (lack of belief is NOT a religion).  Such lawsuits as threatened by the writers of the letters ultimately fail.

You have a right to disagree with religion or any other issue, but not to push your own reality on others by lying.

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