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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pointless media

Are you kidding me?  On 9-19, the front page, above the fold, headline article of the San Bernardino Sun (“Queen of the Keyboard”) was about a 17 year old winning a texting competition.  Gee, that’s great and she won a TV and all, but... really? 

There was also a story about U.S. banks being controlled "globally", not by American laws, regulators or Constitution.  Their concern is the amount of our money that is redistributed to them.  However, “New rules give banks” gets buried on page 14.  Harry Reid’s DREAM act (amnesty and free college for illegals), hidden in the Defense Appropriations Bill (all funding for troops and national defense), is also buried or misrepresented in the press.

Other than cable and internet, I was never able to find honest coverage of the Tea Party scouring of corrupt and self-serving insiders from Republican races across the country, or those voted out taking a second kick at the can as “Independents” or “write-ins”.  These Progressive “Republicans” want to split the conservative vote so that their DNC cronies can continue to spend in defiance the majority and Constitution.  I also never found a factual report of the actual content or the 800,000 attendance of Mr. Beck’s peaceful “restoring Honor” rally, except on “that cable channel”.  Weeks ago, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and Christians along with the family of Martin Luther King joined the vast crowd of all races and parties in a call for a return to honest, reverent government of the people, by the people and for the people. We do hear a lot aboutconservative extremists” (see "oxymoron" or  “mutually exclusive”). 

If this is the best that papers (and broadcast TV) can do, let’s just save the trees and electrons.

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