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Saturday, September 4, 2010


Our leaders - - or rather, our rulers (“leader” suggests a certain quality) - - have surrendered our (that is, We the Peoples’) right to defend ourselves as a nation. We didn’t lose a war or get suddenly confronted by a vast array of enemies. There was no public signing of a Declaration of re-Dependence, just a series of submissions and capitulations by President Obama and the Democratic/Progressive Socialist Party. Here are some recent events with their historical context:

Item: Obama embarked on his first day with an agenda of un-doing every established tenet of America and spending like money was radioactive. Within the first year, he had added $1.3 trillion to the immediate deficit and more than quadrupled the pending debt. That is, he added more to the operating deficit in one year than any other President and added more to the deficit than every President combined. The result is that America’s indebtedness is quickly approaching our G.D.P.; our total production. The country cannot afford its real responsibilities (defense, infrastructure, etc) and our credit rating is being lowered as we approach bankruptcy. China currently owns more than half of America, and the Progressives' forced through and unpopular bills are weighted to avoid the big costs until after the 2012 (presidential) elections

[Though Obama and the Democrats like to blame Bush (who did, in fact, spend too much) and the Iraq war for the debt and the economy, here are some facts. Bush operated under a Democratic majority in both houses, and they controlled budget as Senators Frank (D) and Dodd (D) personally regulated the mortgage lending industry into collapse. Secondly, if the total current debt was a common bottle of water (say, .5L of Arrowhead, though they are not a sponsor) the space up to the label would be entirely Obama’s or the Progressive Congress. From there to the top is essentially Bush’s. The Iraq war is represented by the cap.]

Item: Obama delayed and reduced reinforcements for American troops in combat and announced the date for withdrawal to the enemy in advance. He now takes credit for the departure, which was negotiated with Iraqis by George Bush (see SOFA).  What is notably absent from all of Obama's comments, promises and intelligence releases, is any intent to "win" the war; to destroy the terrorists and/or defend the United States and her allies.  Even his "victory speech" from the oval office was vapid and apologetic, and one-stepped from weak praise for the troops to an "I get it" campaign ad about their 'responsibility' to get out there and get jobs to shore up his recovery agenda.

[Senator Obama declared the war in Iraq could not be won, ridiculed the ‘surge’ that later won it, called General Petrayus “betray-us”, and voted to cut off funds to troops in the field.

From Sun Tsu (“Art of War”, 600 BC) to Carl von Clausewitz (“fog of battle” concept: futility of academics in combat, 1864) to Gen. McChrystal, every leader has known that giving any encouragement or knowledge to the enemy costs lives.]

Item: The mastermind of the U.S.S. Cole bombing - - the murder of 17 American Sailors and Officers with many more maimed - - is no longer scheduled to be tried for the attack. Yemeni Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri was arrested and handed over by the United Arab Emirates in November 2002. He bragged about his glorious victory. Now, on the anniversary of the attack, Obama’s Attorney General, Eric “America is a nation of cowards” Holder, halted DOJ prosecution and announced that "no charges are either pending or contemplated with respect to al-Nashiri in the near future."

[In January 2009, Obama’s brand-new Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, directed the Convening Authority for Military Commissions to stop all military tribunals. Military tribunals are long-standing, internationally approved courts with higher standards than many countries provide for their citizens. The decision also stopped the sentencing of Khalid Sheik Mohammad (who had already pled guilty) Nashiri and several others. Obama and Holder wanted KSM to have a public forum in civilian court in NYC, with the cost and invitations to attack that such a trial would entail. Public outrage thwarted that disaster.

There has been no move toward prosecution. It now appears there may be no penalty at all for attacks on Americans.]

Item: Two Yemenis, Ahmed Mohamed Nasser al Soofi and Hezam al Murisi left from separate U.S. airports, met at Ohare (Chicago), then changed itineraries to Amsterdam, in an obvious terrorist “test run” mission. Each had large amounts of cash, changed flights (changing a stop over to a non-stop) en route, and had box-cutters and bomb “simulators” in their checked luggage to see if they would be discovered. The simulators were shampoo and Pepto-Bismol bottles (gels, like explosives) with watches and cellular phones (like triggers) taped to them. Upon discovery, it was immediately deemed “not a terrorist related incident” by the U.S. Justice and Homeland Security Departments. They said it did not appear that the men were even together, though they were seated next to each other and chatting happily upon arrest.

[The same irresponsible pronouncements were made after the Ft. Hood shooting, the “underwear bomber” and other incidents, which were proven to be Al Qaida (or some spun-out Leftists like Lee, the Discovery Channel bomber “inspired by Al Gore”). Also repeated was the failure of Obama appointee Janet Napolitano’s TSA to stop the terrorists; in this case, to investigate the x-ray images of simulated bombs before departure. Soofi and Murisi (and their bags) weren’t stopped until they arrived in Amsterdam.

At the insistence of U.S. authorities, Soofi and Murisi were released without charge.]

Item: Secretary of State Hillary “I’m a Progressive” Clinton, with Obama’s approval, submitted Arizona’s new illegal immigration law (SB1070, which emulates federal and Constitutional requirements) to the U.N. Human Rights Commission as a “human rights violation”. This body is supposed to examine actual instances of genocide, slave trading, starvation, war-crimes, etc. It will be investigated by humanitarian champions Russia, China, Libya, Cuba and Saudi Arabia (all current members). The Socialists claim that their lawsuit, against a sovereign American State and its mild law in defense of citizens, proves their trans-national humanitarianism.

[Though Obama appointee John Morton repeatedly denied any such policy, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has begun mass dismissals of Illegal Alien cases at the stage of deportation. Immigration lawyers are stunned, feeling like they have a never-ending Christmas present. Only major felony cases are being continued, and they are generally deported without prison time.

Last month, I.C.E. officers of all classes unanimously voted “no confidence” in Morton, due to “political” rather than protective and Constitutional policies. Obama has also halted and reversed Bush’s program to hire sufficient prosecutors and judges to adjudicate these cases (and now Leftists claim a “log jam”). Border governors requested 6,000 to 10,000 National Guard troops in the field to back up ICE agents against heavily armed smugglers. Obama promised 542 and (months later) only 30 “boots on the desk” have been deployed.

Morton and Napolitano are now negotiating with “sanctuary city” San Francisco to illegally waive the Congressionally mandated requirement to submit criminal arrestees’ fingerprints for I.C.E. review; and the D.O.J. has filed suit against Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, for “refusal to submit” the thousands of documents he has already presented several times in their many prior probes. His Department was cleared in 2008.]

Items: Van Jones, admitted “Communist revolutionary” and supporter of cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, was appointed to White House staff, as was “safe schools czar” and sex-with-children advocate Kevin Jennings; Votes and Stimulus money were given to felons in prison; DOJ refused to prosecute 2 armed Black Panthers who threatened both black and white voters; U.S. Navy Seals were prosecuted for “slugging” a terrorist during a dangerous, behind-the-lines arrest; Obama endorsed the Ground Zero Mosque” and appointed the Mosque’s terror-related Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf as a diplomat to “represent American's feelings”, distribute his book and build mosques at taxpayer expense in Tunisia and U.A.E.; The 9-11 memorial still has not broken ground and a destroyed Christian church there cannot get permits, but the Mosque is fast-tracked and the memorial has been re-named “One World Center” by Obama.

Items: A second Gulf oil rig has exploded mysteriously in 3 months, after 29 years without a significant incident; North Korea and Iran are still effectively unopposed in their production of nuclear weapons.

Defend yourself. Vote.

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