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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Socialism isn't bad. ...is it?

There remain some who think that Socialism/Communism is new and hot; edgy and cool.  Those cool "Che" t-shirts and such.  Some think it is kind and benign and doubt the hundreds of millions of direct murders ascribed to it and the billion indirect deaths caused by the wars and insurrections they fomented.
It is, in fact over 100 years old in its current form, and can be traced back through various despots and their genocides for thousands of years.

Witness kindly, old poet, George Bernard Shaw, with his tranquil writings of a beautiful world perfected:
[these make the most sense when viewed in order]

   [...the "very amiable Mr. Mussolini" he refers to is Benito Mussolini, ally of Hitler and murderous dictator of Italy]

    [...and recall that Hitler was a National Socialist ("NAZI"), who shared members with the German Communist Party ]

Oh, that jolly, old "Fabian Socialist" Bernard!  What a nice guy! What wonderful people the Socialists are.
[Now do your own research on the 15 million+ murdered by Hitler, the 30 million+ murdered by Stalin and the 70 million+ murdered by Mao - - not to mention all the small-time players like Mussolini, Pol Pot, Castro, the East Germans, etc.  If you feel ambitious, learn how they ran their countries into the ground (ecnomically and ecologically as well as socially) for their own aggrandizement ]

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