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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dems running FROM their record

By now, almost everyone has heard about the polls. The largest predicted shift in power in the history of the Gallup organization is set for November; about 7 weeks. Other polls agree that Democrats will lose the House and probably the Senate. As a result, Progressives are working hard to distance themselves from both their “health care” bill and Democratic leadership.

Senate and gubernatorial candidates are taking DNC money, but deflecting photo ops with Obama, Reid and Pelosi. Some are appearing with the slightly more popular Clinton and promising to “fix” the industry takeover bill, which was passed despite large and growing disapproval of constituents. Since then, many announcements by the CBO, GAO and independent researchers have confirmed the warnings of conservatives about increasing costs, lower levels of service, availability to illegal aliens and for abortion, etc. The DNC even issued a memo warning Progressive candidates not to make their earlier claims of lower costs, reduced U.S. deficits, keeping doctors or policies, etc, because voters are onto them, but promise to amend it. Other candidates are naming names, as in, “I’m not Harry Reid/Nancy Pelosi”. The ridiculous White House claims of the economy and employment “going the right way” during a “summer of recovery” did not help, because everyone could see the opposite for themselves.
The more the Socialists ridiculed protesters and insulted the children of Republican candidates, the less Americans believed them. They know that the U.S. should not be suing a sovereign State when they are refusing to secure our borders. The repeated, baseless remarks from Washington are divisive, and people don’t like it. They see the growing list of tax ethics investigations on the left, and can’t understand why more well-known tax cheats are not also being prosecuted. The people still have to pay their taxes.

People know that they are still in a recession, which appears to be heading into t he predicted “double dip”, but they see endless fund-raising junkets and vacations by the President and rich “representatives”. While we count pennies, the value of the richest Senators and Congress Members (27 Democrats and 23 Republicans) rose from $850 million to $1.4 billion. John Kerry (who evaded taxes on his massive yacht home) alone is worth $188 million. Oh, and they, the President, and their families, and their staffers, are all permanently exempt from the “health care” bill. Another reason why voters (58% to 36%) favor repeal of the industry takeover that was forced through with threats, bribes and procedural cheats.

Obama has given more speeches than any President in history, often 3 or more in one day. Yet, despite promises of openness and availability, he stopped giving open-question conferences, and Congressional Dems quit having town-hall meetings, a year ago. They spread too much truth and cost them votes. Now arranged photo-ops with selected Obama-voter troops and issued camera props are more reliable.

Meanwhile, back at the Congressional and gubernatorial races, many candidates have given up talking about themselves and their records altogether.  Joined by Leftist columnists, they now actually try to give advice to Republicans and other conservatives on how to be conservative. “If only they would be bipartisan [join the Progressives and make up for the Democrats that voted against them, spoiling their majority] and stop saying “no” [to the reckless, unconstitutional ideology] all the time, we could make Progress[ive Socialism].” Then another wasteful “Stimulus” or “Energy/Climate” fraud is proposed and they all cringe.

It’s okay, though. More and more people know that they have to look beyond the claims of a President, "representatives", government and "mainstream media" that they no longer believe without verification.

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