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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Parade of ignorance, or of dishonesty?

There is no doubt that Arizona’s SB 1070 is controversial. The question is where does all that controversy come from? We are told over and over that the law is motivated by racism, creates intolerance, promotes profiling, targets Mexicans, and encourages harassment; a whole list of evil things. Liberal leaders from Molina to Pelosi, Baca to Holder, Villaraigosa to Obama proclaim that the law is “unconstitutional” and “anti-immigrant”.

Now the L.A. County Board of Supervisors has joined the parade on a rhetorical call to boycott Arizona, along with San Francisco, L.A. and a few others. I say “rhetorical” because among L.A.’s imports from Arizona are 24% of electricity and much of our water; exports include thousands of our jail inmates. None of these are being returned to sender. The boycott is political, not legalistic or humanitarian, because these billion dollar contracts will not be canceled. It will probably hurt the little guy, Arizonans of every race who run small businesses to raise their families.

On May 28th the Congressional Hispanic Caucus jumped on the bandwagon. Your "representatives" sent a letter (on nice, taxpayer-funded stationery!), demanding that the Department of Homeland Defense cut ties with he State of Arizona, because the adoption of SB1070. It appears that this group is "ignorant" of Constitutional and legal responsibilities of government.

When pressured, virtually every detractor states that they never actually read the actual law. Officials say they have never even been briefed on it. How can this be? Why would they attack an American State without knowing any facts? Because, if they did, they would be pinned down by its language. SB1070 specifically prohibits every one of those nasty things, with penalties for violations. It actually strengthens federal and Constitutional protections for those investigated. It would be easier to mis-use any other law on the books, if some bad cop wanted to. Millions of Americans have read it for themselves, and various polls show that 51-78% understand and approve of SB1070. Other states are copying it.

So, it’s better for “leaders” and celebrities to claim ignorance, if they want to play up to illegal aliens and leftists. It’s likely that all of them studied SB1070 hoping to find flaws, so “ignorance” does not apply. Lying is the fact of the matter, to whether to promote Socialist ideology or protect lucrative deals. Their lies anger both humanitarians they have deceived and those that know the truth. They also promote the ongoing invasion of the U.S., access for terrorists, importation of drugs and guns, violent crime, and abuse - - of citizens and illegals alike - - by the human traffickers.


  1. When you were a cop did you look at a person as a PERSON and not as a stereotype? The Arizona Law judges people by the color of their skin--BROWN. Ever wonder how ticked off a LEGAL RESIDENT would be if stopped by a cop for no other reason but for his skin color. What you--and others like you--are doing is making the states in the West--Blue states. Thank you, by the way.

  2. As a matter of fact, I actually paid more attention to behavior than appearance (though, "out-of-place" appearance is good observation, and when someone works really hard at being flamboyant or loud it usually attracts attention with human beings).
    As to Arizona's new law, it started out far more carefully crafted than any other I have read (and I have read, interpreted and executed tens of thousands), and THEN they made minor modifications - - such as going from "not SOLELY using appearance" to "not using appearance" AT ALL in establishing probable cause. If it is used, the D.A. is REQUIRED to reject the case.
    This is unprecedented (and frankly a little ridiculous - - no other country apologizes [or needs to] for the reasonable control of its residents). The federal standard sets NO restrictions at all on the cause for contact.
    If you have read the law at all, you know that it is just plain obvious that it does NOT judge "people by the color of their skin - - BROWN." This is why so many Progressives claimed NOT to have read the text that they had been feverishly studying for so many weeks, as they tried to push the same mindless argument on the American People. They knew that they could be pinned down on its actual language if they took responsibility for reading before acting. [note: reading and understanding before condemning, or before passing unlawful laws, seems to be a theme with the left. facts are so inconvenient!]
    Anyone would be ticked off if stopped "for not other reason but for his skin color". It used to happen a lot, especially in Southern Democrat states, and still pops up from time to time by mistake, mis-training or bad intent. I exepct that out of 100,000 contacts or so, even this iron-clad protectionist law will have one or two such violations of law and good police work, and officers will be retrained, disciplined, or SUED, AS ESTABLISHED IN THE LAW ITSELF. Again, unprecedented.
    The law, and Arizona with it, gains popularity daily, as more and more Americans (and lawful aliens) read it and understand it. The preposterous lawsuits against it, along with the short-lived injunction in the face of already settled points of law, only anger more sensible citizens and visitors.
    What you - - and others like you - - do, is promote the swing toward conservatism by pointing out the unsustainable and self-serving intentions of Socialists and racists. If you have not been watching the polls, or trust Olberman, Huffington, N.Y. or L.A. Times, etc, to give you actual facts, I suggest you do your own original-source research. Obama, the Progressive Socialist Congress and Governors and even many weak/liberal Republicans, are in deep, dark trouble this November. And the conservative numbers grow - - Obama's approval rating is the lowest, fastest, of any President on record)
    Thanks for that, by the way; you serve the same positive goal that FOX's leftist "balance" guests serve (aggravating as their double-talk is). That is, letting the left make itself out to be the unrealistic, dishonest, opportunists.
    While the left has ignored questions, cursed, threatened, bribed, slandered, assaulted and lied about opposition (a good, sound, indicator of character, dont'cha think?), the right unloads its few extremists and has yet to have an incident (even littering) at it's events.
    The founders, peaceful farmers and shop owners (with voting women and minorities in the northern colonies/states) took on the world's greatest super-power with little gear and less training. As long as the Constitutional American Republic is allowed to work as it has for the last 240 years (at least 3 times longer than any Socialist state), there will never be any need for the beauty of the 2nd Amendment to be proven.
    Thanks again! Hope you do your homework; few people are more valuable advocates than former lefties who find out they were duped and go after their oppressors.

  3. Oh, and as of November 3rd (effective January 20, 2011), you are welcome for the Red/Blue correction.
    Current actions in the (really, really) lame duck session ensure that final adjustments will be made November 6, 2012 (effective January 20, 2013).


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