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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Israeli Defense Forces ambushed at sea

The now-infamous Israeli "assault" on a "peaceful, humanitarian mission" to Gaza has gone viral. Too many, mostly from the left, have jumped on the "massacre of civilians" bandwagon.
The blockade of Gaza is three years old and well-known to area shipping. The Mavi Marmara was warned of the closure and arrangements to deliver any legitimate cargo via the approved land routes was offered. The terrorist advocates refused and were boarded.
There were 50 known terrorist associates along with their fan club of Socialists (as in National Socialists - Nationalsozialisten - NAZIs?) on board and they surrounded and jumped the IDF Marines as they descended, one at a time, holding Paintball guns with pepper balls. Pepper balls (tear gas) and flash-bangs ("stun grenades") are what American SWAT teams use to take citizens into custody with less chance of injury or death. The pacifists then tried to beat them to death with metal rods, Molotov cocktails, knives, etc (and somehow, IDF [Israeli Defense Force] troops got shot with non-Israeli ammo). One was beaten unconscious and tossed overboard without his life vest.
Only when it became obviously life-threatening was permission given to use their sidearms (pistols) to defend themselves. Even so, one Marine is seen still trying to use his paintball gun.
Let me assure everyone that IDF knows how to "fast-rope". This is a technique whereby multiple lines allow up to four soldiers to descend from a helicopter at a time, automatic weapons at the ready, in less than 3 seconds. An entire 16 man squad is on the ground in less than 30 seconds. Normally, they'd have at least 2 helicopters discharging at once, on both ends of a ship. My guess is, Israel will not repeat the error of assuming a benign "humanitarian" crew on a ship to Hamas in Gaza.
Little in the way of arms has been found aboard the ship thus far. While more may turn up, it would not be unreasonable for a "scout" ship (loaded with "civilians" and film crews) to test the system without expecting to deliver much. Already, at least four other ships are reported to be enroute to challenge the blockade. Two more are in Malta. Hamas is running low on Qasam and Katyusha rockets, explosives and AK-47 ammo to kill Israeli civilians.

UPDATE - 6-10-10: WhiteHouse reporter Thomas said that "Jews need to get the hell out of Palesitine" and "go back to Germany and Poland". She refers to the places where 6 million Jews were murdered in the main NAZI holocaust, plus millions more by Soviets and other Communists after WWII. "Palestine" is the name given to part of Judea by Philistines ("Goliath"?) when they invaded around 1300 BC. That was about the same time as a major Hebrew immigration, following their first arrival around 1800 BC. Jews have been there ever since, and gave Gaza to the Palestinian people ten years ago, when they renounced violence against Israel before electing Hamas to power with their calls to "wipe out" every Jew.
ALSO, new evidence (http://www.foxnews.com/world/2010/06/08/reuters-fake-photos-ihh-gaza-blockade-commandos/) shows that Reuters photos were “creatively” edited. They were cropped very closely, to avoid showing people the knives that were being held over bleeding IDF Marines. What “mainstream” news programs and papers showed the world look like injured soldiers being helped by peace activists. The unaltered pictures show knifed Jews being dragged off by their attackers.

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