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Monday, May 31, 2010

Excuse me, what day is it?

Today, Monday, May 31, was Memorial Day. It would have been impossible to tell from the front page of the Daily Bulletin. Here are the headlines from page one:

“A Dog’s Life” (dog show), “Baby Builders” (new playground), “C.I.M. Dorms Rebuilt” (prison repair), “Few Curbs on Pols’ Spending” (campaign finance), [and below the fold] “Summit to Address Logistics Future” (transportation) and “Vet’s Daughter Lives Up to Promise” (vets help vet graduate).

There were two letters to the Editor and a self-serving article by a desperate politician on back pages. I could find no stories about veterans or currently serving heroes. Nothing about how each of us got to be in the greatest, most generous Superpower in Earth’s history.

Thanks, Dad! Thanks, Uncles and brothers! Thanks, anonymous “101st Airborne” and “Pearl Harbor Survivor” guys that I passed on the road today. Thanks millions of men and women that sacrificed from 1775 through today to free us from tyrants, keep us free, end slavery, free our friends, free us from terrorists….

Thank God for you.

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