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Thursday, April 15, 2010

TRUTH - check for yourself.

In his April 15th letter “Bogus claim”, a reader tries to tell us that the “commerce clause” gives the federal government authority to regulate individual behavior with it’s new “health care (and student loan) bill”. He tells us that saying otherwise is “propaganda”. This is just repetition of Progressive deceit. They want you to believe that YOU are interstate commerce; and don’t want you to look into this and other violations of the Constitution.

Article 1, section 8, grants federal power “to regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes”; as well as coining money, forming an army, building roads, etc. This obviously means significant trading laws and has nothing to do with every individual human being simply living within the U.S. (picking up a pack of gum in Stateline, etc) My family is not “commerce”, but even if we never set foot outside the state we were born in, this bill still forces us to buy a certain, government-approved product. Even the insurance companies we can choose from in our state are restricted by the government (Republicans tried to correct this). If we refuse or fail to buy it, we are fined. This fine is imposed by the I.R.S. as the enforcement arm of the “health (and student loan) bill”, and if it is not paid, seizures and jail would result.

If mere existence in the U.S. makes everyone “commerce”, then there is no limit at all to the laws that the feds can impose, and the Constitution is just a massive fraud perpetrated upon the states and People. With no payoff for 211 years. Madison, Jefferson and other founders’ writings prove this is not the case, and their intent was to have the smallest, least intrusive government possible - - read them for yourself on-line! The Tenth Amendment then gives supremacy in all other matters to the individual states and the People.

There are frauds and “propaganda”, but they come from the left.

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