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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Socialist vs Socialist

KCBS news reported today, 4-17-10, about a violent protest near City Hall in L.A.. CBS (fairly liberal “mainstream media”) was unable to find any link between the opposing groups and the Tea Party movement, with its thousands of rallies and millions of demonstrators on 4-15. This is unremarkable since both groups were Socialist, and nearly all Tea Partiers would have opposed both.

The forty (40) White-Supremacist “NAZIs” (National Socialists) were predictably racist and antagonistic. They waved American flags disfigured with swastikas, and gave fascist salutes. The hundreds of counter-protesters were a Progressive mixed-bag: illegal alien advocates, anti-capitalists, anarchists and probably some just opposed the NAZIs’ overt racism. They waved Mexican and other flags, and many wore masks.

The first rocks and bottles came from the Progressives as police tried to keep the groups apart. The NAZIs were apparently also able to bait some Progressives into beating a NAZI or two. Some arrests were made, but no details were given. Injuries appeared to be minor.

This is very similar to 1932/33 Germany. The NAZIs (not “far right” as Progressive teachers taught for 50 years) and German Communist party shared membership rosters before becoming violent in their partisan recruiting efforts. The differences were mostly “who’s the boss”. Those fights grew into shootings and battles.

Tea Parties were and are non-violent and positive events, well and increasingly supported by passers-by, and one was even organized and attended mostly by Blacks. They oppose reckless amnesty and open borders, due to economic and terrorist concerns, but not beating or violating people’s rights, especially for ethnicity. They want a safe country for their families and sensible economic policies, not violent confrontations among masked and violent Socialist thugs, or Marxist threats to capitalism.

The rule of law (a.k.a. Constitution) is what guarantees basic fairness and equal opportunity (not freebies and bailouts) and prevents a few (from the left or the right) from imposing their hidden agenda on all of us.

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