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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dems divvy up kids for sex & votes.

It sounds inflammatory, but it is simply the truth. April 17th’s article “Scouts’ honor creates tumult” (AP), reports that California Democrats argued and ultimately defeated what should have been a simple resolution (Curt Hagman, R - Chino) recognizing Boy Scouts' 100th anniversary. This was to be for a century of citizenship, leadership and survival training; trails cleared, bridges built, old folks’ homes painted, schools and churches beautified, etc; and boys steered toward productivity instead of drugs and crime.

It is not the BSA or Hagman that created the tumult, but the Progressive Democrats’ agenda. The Scouts have simply gone about the same business for a century. As an affront to BSA and conservatives, Dems went on to commend the younger Girl Scouts of America; not for their decades of good work with girls, but specifically their more recent pro-gay stance. The California Dems are following the lead of Obama’s “safe schools” czar, Kevin Jennings, who openly plans sex TRAINING (as opposed to education) and encouraging homosexuality, for kids as young as preschool (check on-line). Dems demanded a roll-call vote to use as political propaganda: Republicans wanted to approve both resolutions, but could not in good conscience endorse the sexualized GSA position while the BSA is disrespected on their anniversary.

Democrats tried to paint BSA as racist. Mike Feuer (D – L.A.) said, “Were the Policy of the Boy Scouts to be that we exclude all African-Americans or Latinos, or any minority group, I don’t think there would be a single member of the Legislature that would commend them.” But Scouting (160 countries, 28 million members) does NOT have any such policy, nor do they permit bashing of any group, including gays. “A Scout is kind”. BSA prohibited homosexual leaders decades ago, but only for one reason: when a bunch of boys are taken camping by men who are not their fathers, there can be no sexual abuse if no one there sees any other as a sexual target. No one is required to join Boy Scouts and learn their skills and ideals, so the Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld their stance and recognized the tremendous contributions to America by the BSA.

Once again, over a simple resolution, decency is slapped down and American family values are attacked by Progressives, as California and the Nation circle the drain.

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