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Monday, May 23, 2011

Over and over.

 The simplest definition of insanity is: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  California State Senate Democrats have just re-introduced legislation to impose “single payer” health care on the rest of us (“Health plan revived”, page 1 of 5-23 Inland Newspapers).  Unlike Obamacare, this one openly admits that it is designed to provide full-boat care to illegal aliens (the Federal program “excludes” illegals, but prohibits asking about citizenship and has no penalty for providing service in violation of the exclusion).  California’s plan also adds dental and vision coverage to medical.

Like Obamacare, though, the plan by Sen Mark Leno (D-S.F.) and the Progressive Socialist controlled legislature promises that covering “3 million additional patients”, along with the extra benefits, will save money.  They say that they (spending other people’s money), unlike the huge companies that already provide for most of us (and work hard to increase profits), will get “volume discounts”.  They also say that adding thousands of administrative, bureaucratic, medical advisory and oversight (the ones that set rationing) employees to the State payroll will lower the cost of government.  It will also not increase the demand on already overburdened doctors, dentists and other providers.  Do far more for millions more people on a shrinking number of assets and save money. Magic!

By the way, Sen Leno and Nancy Peolsi’s San Francisco asked for and has been “carved out” (given a permanent waiver) from Obamacare’s crushing “benefits” along with Harry Reid’s Nevada and most of the unions and few companies that supported the back-room, bribe-paying, arm-twisting passage of the federal “Affordable Medical Care, Patient Protection and Pretty, Pretty Pony Act”.  Funny: every single one of the elected officials that obtained this wonderful improvement for us (and their families) made sure they got a carve-out as well.

(We’ll just set aside the wider questions of “Socialism” and the fact that any Liberal will tell you that, though it has failed everywhere and every time it was tried, it’s only because it was never implemented “hard enough”.  From currently failing Greece and Portugal (et al) to Cuba, the USSR and Hitler’s National Socialist Germany; they crumbled in less than 70 years “only because they didn’t fully embrace the ideology”.  You'd think that in Russia and Germany, where the founders of Socialist Communism developed it and settled it, or in at least one of the hundreds of iterations since then, they'd get it right.  In contrast, American Constitutional Capitalism has prospered through 240 years; the last 100 years of success in spite of growing resistance and sabotage from the Left.)

Back from Fantasy Land, let’s look at reality.  L.A. County alone provides $1.6 billion a year specifically on illegal aliens.  Why? Because school, education, meals and basic medical services are already provided and advertized as “regardless of immigration status”.  They actually promote maximum usage among those not fully exploiting the system.  They pay zero income tax, and precious little property or DMV taxes.  Wouldn’t it be better stewardship of those and all the other taxes, fees, assessments and surcharges that all of us pay for schools, police, fire protection, highways, etc, to cut those costs by 99.9% instead of trying to grow them?  Wouldn’t it be more mature leadership to reduce the $25 billion State debt (without all of the annual, budget-time threats about cutting those essential services to the rest of us) by cutting non-essential give-aways? 

But, no.  Big government likes spending piles of other people’s money.  They enjoy regulating other people’s behavior. California led the nation in passing its own version of Cap-and-Trade, and our disappearing businesses and higher-than average unemployment prove it.   California severely restricts gun ownership and possession by law-abiding citizens and our massive crime statistics prove it.  The State is basically bankrupt, and Brown responds by approving huge increases to the teachers' and prison guards' union contracts.  So why not save the illegals (and those that choose not to buy insurance) the terrible burden of waiting a few hours for free E.R. treatment, only to settle for minimal care?  Let’s give them a “Cadillac plan” and we can all have that same wait and rushed, minimal care (plus mediocre, rationed vision and dental) at every medical provider in the State. 

Socialized Medicine is rationed and miserable throughout Europe.  In Canada, it gave us the “Baby Joseph” drama, where parents were ordered to ‘give consent’ to terminate their sick baby before he was brought to America for successful treatment.  It has already been tried in Massachusetts, where it made things worse.  Yes, let’s try it again, so we too can share all this.   

Unless ‘Frisco gets itself excused from this one, too.

 - - - -

As an addenda to this issue, I would like to refer everyone to a new PJTV video, outlining what we already knew:  America's health care system is not "broken" (beyond removing some government impediments to competition) or substandard.  It is and has been, the place where those that can afford it always come for the best possible treatment when their own (socialized) medical system can't or won't deal with their ills.  The VIDEO reveals that the so-called "study" of 2000, by the Socialist-dominated U.N. health organization was as precise and accurate as the global warming "research" based on magazine travelogues and fabricated measurements improved with fraudulent calculations.

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