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Friday, May 27, 2011

Obamacare vs Medi-scare

This is brief.  I just want to refer anyone who is confused about the "Ryan 'kill Medicare' plan" or why people in "a solidly Republican District" of NY state "voted overwhelmingly against the Ryan plan and for the Democratic agenda".  Well, they didn't.  The Dem candidate, in a split district, got 47% of the vote (less than a majority).  She had gotten tons of money and false ads (you have probably seen the Ryan look-alike literally throwing granny out of her wheelchair and off the cliff) from the national Democratic party and other Leftist organizations.

The Republican, on the heels of a personal scandal that took out the previous GOP office holder, got 43% of the vote; just 4% difference.  A latecomer who is a liberal, party-jumping opportunist, pretended falsely (as has been done before in N.Y.) to be "the Tea Party candidate" and took 9% of the vote.  Obviously, the Tea Party vote would go against reckless government spending and generally against Democrats who advocate the current, suicidal status quo.  This means that a 52% majority, against the tax-and-spend and Obamacare-down-your-throat Progressive Socialists, was successfully split by the desperate, dishonest propaganda and impersonations of the DNC.

Please watch (and get in front of others who are unclear or misled on the concepts) this excellent "Tri-Fecta" from our friends at PJTV.  Spread it and the facts they share with everyone that you can.  People will generally make the correct choices, if they can get clean information and know which candidate is actually representing which viewpoint.

Link here: PJTV Tri-Fecta, "Attention MSNBC, Paul Ryan was not running for Congress in Upstate New York."

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