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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Preview: some 2012 election images.

Obama, of course, never stopped his 2008 campaign, conducting an average of more than 1 partisan political speech, address or broadcast per day.  He segued to 2012 most obviously by presenting another partisan, campaign speech at a joint session of congress - - unheard of.

Anyway, here is a sample of things we will be seeing, since the Right is starting to respond:

First up is Barrack, allowing his delusions of competency to get the better of him.

(raw) Obama: I am a Warrior for the Middle Class by LocalNews-GrabNetworks

Now, outside of his campaign strategy office (writing the teleprompter text for this speech), Obama has never been called a "warrior" of any kind (except, perhaps, by his appointees or fellow Globalist, Socialist enemies of the Constitution), let alone "for the middle class", a group that generally struggles to work and pay its own way (as opposed to freeloading entitlement junkies). A 'war monger', constantly stirring up class warfare and hatred among our own people?  Certainly.  A 'divisive, anti-American egomaniac'? You betcha ...self evident. An 'incompetent, narcissistic, elitist, Globalist, academic, Socialist, cowardly, malingering, duplicitous, race-baiter'? Yeah, okay, I'll buy that; along with a growing majority of the American electorate.

By way of simple fact checking,  "millionaires and billionaires" pay an income tax rate many times that of "a plumber or secretary".  He just lied, and he knows it (or his incompetence really is limitless).  He referred to Warren Buffett's assertion that his "secretary" (personal assistant - we are assuming pay of $50k to $75k) pays a higher rate (actually about 15%) than Buffett (35%, plus Obama additions and capital gains rates of 25%).  He lied too, and he knows it.  But Buffett does most of his production offshore (robbing Americans of jobs like Obama "Jobs czar" Jeffery Immelt) and has many attorneys doing nothing but ensuring that he gets all the loopholes and perks in our bloated, incomprehensible tax code.  Nonetheless, the richest 2% pays almost half of all income tax payments actually received by IRS and the bottom 50% pays no tax whatsoever.  If IRS knows this, so does Obama, who refuses to do more than talk about actual tax code reform (plugging the loopholes).

Next is one of the first efforts by a Republican, in this case Governor Rick Perry:

Now, SophosArchaeus is not yet endorsing Perry (unless you are reading this after the GOP convention and he is the candidate.  Perry has made mistakes [along with all human beings save one that I am aware of {and He now sits at the right hand of GOD } ] ). He admits them and moves on, rather than pretending to perfection like the current resident of our White House.  There may be a better conservative/candidate.  The important thing is to wrest the protection of our Constitution out of the (being charitable) careless hands of the Progressive Socialists.  Don't make the mistake of believing that Hillary or any other "Modern Progressive (Socialist)" would do anything to repair the damage of the last three years.  They might be less incompetent and demagogic, but they have the same ends.  ANY sincere conservative, anyone you have seen on the stage at the debates, would be vastly superior for the welfare of the nation.  Some better than others, but all with at least an honest desire to defend the nation and help her people.

With a successful campaign and the help of providence, we will avoid another term (or many - - since the Constituion and will of the people are being flouted with impunity) that we cannot afford.  And we can begin the long process of repairing the intentional damage inflicted on our image, economy and unity.

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