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Monday, September 26, 2011

Economy, jobs, and Progressives. [Source links pending]

Economy, jobs, and Progressives.

Yet another budget crisis has come due.  There has not been an official budget for over 2 years (no, it is not Bush’s responsibility to write Congressional Budgets).  Without a budget in place, there have to be unending “continuing resolutions” or there is no authority to pay for defense, Medicare/Medicaid, or anything else.  Harry Reid (and Pelosi when she was Speaker of the House) refuses to present budgets for a Senate vote.

With all of the wasteful spending by Obama (more than 8 years of Bush and more than all presidents from Washington through Bush), little is left for legitimate spending like FEMA.  The Republican controlled House has passed its version of the budget; including more money for relief.  They cut items that Democrats already promised to eliminate to pay for last year’s failed “Cash for Clunkers”, but then reneged on.  Reid had refused to bring any budget to the floor (again), hoping to push “party of no” onto the GOP again.  At the Tuesday afternoon deadline, having held up the vote as long as possible for political spin at our expense, Reid finally caved.  The C.R. was passed.

But remember, this is NOT a budget, just the latest damaging, short term, stop-gap I.O.U.  The most powerful nation in the history of the world is reduced to running on kiting checks, this time until mid-November.  Very professional.

It is this kind of irresponsible governing, along with the massive debt and the specter of the biggest parts of Obamacare yet to come, that has kept real unemployment well into double digits (over 9% on the dole plus 5-10%  no longer trying) for over 26 months.  Understand: the rich want to get richer.  They, besides being the target of Obama’s class un-American class warfare, are employers and investors.  They want to invest more and hire more to do more business and gain more profits.  With the threat of Obama’s tax-increase “jobs” bill added to Obamacare and mounting piles of regulations blocking the way, no one is willing to risk long term investment (including hiring people)  based on short term breaks that mask long term tax increases.

But remember, Obama is "a warrior for the middle class" and Conservatives are extremists and "the party of no.  OH! and Morgan Freeman has explained how, if a presidential campaign or committee has as its primary goal 'to remove the sitting president', "it is racist".  So, every such committee or party from Adams to Obama must be racist (a celebrity says so), against whites. (?!?)

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