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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ideology idiocy

The front page article of the March 20th edition of the San Bernardino Sun reported on a miniscule National Socialist demonstration and the much bigger counter-rally on Saturday in the (stayed, quiet, rich, Liberal) City of Claremont.  Needless to say, the NAZIs spewed hate and racism, while most of the counterpoint supported peace and cooperation. 

There is nothing good to say about National Socialism.  It’s true that Hitler patronized the concepts of the VolksWagen (People’s Car) and the Autobahn (freeway).  At a stretch you might even say that they were models of efficiency and designed really cool uniforms.  But these things are trivial or would have come about without them.

On the other hand, the National Socialists murdered 15 million Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, religious leaders, liberals, constitutionalists and others that didn’t go along with their plans of global domination, racial and religious intolerance and stark government regulation.  This does not include the 136,000 American soldiers (plus British, French, Australian, Kenyan, New Zealander, Canadian, and others) killed in Europe in WWII.  My uncle was among them, killed in ambush near Nijmegen, Netherlands (see the movie, “A Bridge too Far”).  Not just conscripted German Wehrmacht troops, but an actual Schutzstaffel SS unit).

Some believe that Hitler and his ilk (the German word is Nationalsozialisten, pronounced "nat·see·on·al  solt·see·al·ist·en": NAZIs) were right-wing extremists.  This is not true.  Easy research shows that they grew out of the Socialist movement in Europe and actually shared much of their membership roster with the Russian-style Communists in the Bavaria area.  In a nutshell, only when there was an actual chance to seize power did their ambitious bosses declare against each other as rival gangs.  The NAZIs eventually threw the Commies under the bus as Hitler defeated Karl Grohl (aka “Erde” or “Earth”) in 1933.  Hitler then claimed emergency powers in violation of the German Constitution and usurped more and more authority until the end of the war.

There are Socialists and then there are Socialists.  Some are more genteel and others are more fascist.  Some feign more tolerance while others are openly racist.   Hitler was only moderately effective in his murder spree.  He managed more than Hugo Chavez (still in progress), Cuba’s Castro and Che’, East Germany’s Honeker, Cambodia’s Pol Pot and Hitler fan Saddam Hussein.  However, his 15 million is dwarfed by Stalin’s 35,000,000 and the champion:  Mao ZheDong’s 70,000,000+.  None of these numbers include wars they fomented or the efforts of other Premiers of the same government.  But they all share a love of: stringent national control and vast libraries of laws, demonizing and taxing successful individuals, unions that are useful until power is solidified, and crushing religions and causes that might compete for loyalty.  They generally have a red “Blood Flag” and exploit (or create) lots of “crises” to keep people dependent on them.  They issue reams of “rights” just as others somehow go out of print when they become inconvenient.  Their Constitutions are rewritten every couple of years, with no input from “the People”.  Their ballots (if any) have one name with one checkbox.  Individuals have no value against the needs of the State.

Back to the protest and rally.  The comments of the Socialists are irrelevant: If they spoke, they lied.  They were only designed to stir up anger and (hopefully) provoke a fight. 

Most on the anti-Socialist side could probably find something to agree about, though they certainly had some differences among them.  Many were conservatives and especially Tea Party supporters.  Some believe they support Socialism, thought they were protesting against it on Saturday.  Some protested specifically against the NAZIs due to their racism.  Raymond Herrera, founder of We the People, an anti-illegal immigration group, wisely ignored the Socialists’ taunts about “hating immigrants”.  However, Chris Baca is quoted as saying that “This is racism…White people were the first illegal aliens in the country”.  Take a second and de-construct that statement for yourself – I won’t guide you other than to point out one historical/legal and one sociological inaccuracy.  I believe Chris is a victim of the propaganda he has been subjected to over the last few decades of increasingly Leftist education.  It is sad that all our kids get such junk on taxpayer money.

I pointed out that NAZIs are far left rather than far right.  What is far right?  The end of the scale (past Republicans, “extremist” Tea Party members, the Constitution, and Libertarians) is where you find anarchists.  Libertarians believe in an absolute minimum of regulation, with people leaving each other alone.  Anarchists believe in no regulation at all (beyond the rule of the mob), with everyone out for themselves at others’ expense.  Many young people these days have been made to believe they are pro-Socialist Anarchists when, if pinned down on issues, they would find would find they are actually closer to mild Libertarians. 

In fact, the true anarchist is a tool of the extreme Statist (totalitarians regardless of politics).  They exist on a circular, not linear (left-right) scale, with Socialists on the left curve, Conservatives on the right curve and centrists in between. Anarchists are at the very bottom; shoulder to shoulder with the Communist Revolutionary.  Their job is transition:  take a weak “Democracy” (as opposed to democratic, Constitutional Republic), discredit it’s Constitution, disrespect it’s history and values, damage it’s economy, destabilize it and throw it into chaos.  “Chaos” is synonymous with “Anarchy”.  The Revolutionaries are in the same mob and curve up to the left.  They point toward “the only hope for society”: Socialism, with it’s strict regulations to “save peace loving people”.  Easy research shows this pattern over and over, across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. 

Research also shows that the "peace loving" part is just one of many lies.  There is also an inevitable collapse of this unsustainable system, with exhausted and dispirited entrepreneurs and workers, frustrated and dirt-poor citizens, and obscenely rich Party Bosses.  This is generally about 70 miserable years after the seizure of power, unless Americans lead the Free World against them sooner.

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