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Monday, March 21, 2011

Dirty politics is right

In a March 21st letter, “Clean air, dirty politics” (Inland Valley Daily Bulletin), Ellen Taylor (President of the Claremont League of Women Voters) proves two things.  Those are, much of Claremont must remain just as unreasonably Liberal as we have come to expect, and the League of Women Voters has been corrupted; it no longer presents unbiased, fact-based information for rational voting decisions.

The Clean Air Act, passed before the era of Progressive Socialist dominance of the Democratic Party, did help in improving our air.  I recall the weekly smog-alerts and invisible San Gabriel Mountains when I was younger.  The cost (borne mostly by industry) was actually staggering, but worth it in the long run.  But now the bloated EPA is legislating by “regulation”, in violation of our elected-representative form of government.  They are an agency of political appointees and bureaucrats, taking orders from only one man, but are supposed to be subject to the controls of Congress.  What they are doing is expanding governmental control over lots of quasi-environmental and non-environmental areas in the name of Global Leftist ideology.

Ellen’s “regulations…to control toxic air pollutants…causing global climate change" [emphasis mine] are simply the muscle of Obama’s Global Warming fraud.  In the 1970’s the furthest Left Liberals shouted about man-caused “Global Cooling” bringing on an ice age.  In the 1990’s they had to shift to screaming warnings of “Global Warming”, because the cycle continued and it was warmer.  They invented the now-famous “hockey stick” trick to fabricate more dramatic lies – er, statistics.  Now the absolutely normal, perennial and unaffected-by-humans cycle has rolled on and we are in a cooling period again.  Oops. Better make it “Climate Change”, because people are starting to remember all those old “warming” and “cooling” headlines.  By the way, the general trend for Earth (and the entire universe) is a jagged but descending line: it is cooling off.

 EPA is already involved in setting up “greenhouse gas” exchanges.  Profitable (western) factories would be required to “buy carbon credits” from small, third world companies.  No gas is actually exchanged and no pollution is actually reduced; money is just handed over to less productive societies.  “Sharing the wealth”.  “Climate Justice”.  Oh, and poor, little China and India and others (quickly overtaking American industry, and permitting far more pollution) are payees, not payers.

Obama took five (5) jumbo jets to the Copenhagen Climate Fraud Conference (which adjourned once it was clear that America refused to pay up).  He did it again within weeks for the Olympics-for-Chicago-cronies failure and for the Nobel Prize farce.  Al Gore uses the dirtiest jet in the air (Gulfstream II) to criss-cross the planet with his manufactured and discredited “evidence”, collecting over $100,000,000 in speakers’ fees.  Now the entire climate crisis industry has been repeatedly exposed as a global Leftist cabal with extracting money from capitalist countries as its only purpose.

The formerly well-intentioned EPA is now just a tool for sidestepping congressional oversight.  They try to justify wholesale closure of overwhelmingly safe American oil rigs in favor of far more expensive and undependable foreign oil, pushed through oceans of water in inefficient, leaky, oil-burning tankers that are vulnerable to terrorist attack.  They over-regulate coal, oil and gas to raise costs to industry and consumers.  Making and approving industry regulations is what Congress is charged with in the Constitution, but Ellen says, “Bypassing this process and letting [emphasis mine] Congress second-guess specific regulations…is simply bad government”. 

Really?  America grew into a power in just 20 years with NONE of these side agencies.  We were a major power before 1917, a super power by 1941 and the superpower by 1990.  And we repeatedly saved the rest of the world (with aid or with troops) along the way.  But it was bad government.  Most of the “poor” have color TV and cellphones here.  Millions of immigrants get visas and millions of illegal aliens sneak in here.  Those needing the best medical care come here.  But it was “bad government”.  Having an elected,  multi-party assembly question experts, debate and then vote openly, rather than one man (whose White House is rife with lobbyists) issuing executive orders “substitutes raw politics for scientific expertise.”    The air is cleaner than it has ever been and the climate is normal, but the League of Women Voters sees ‘good government’ as “new regulations” because “toxic air pollution and global climate change must be addressed.”

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