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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Abhorring Baca

The letter “Applauding Baca” (May 16) mis-represents Arizona’s new law and at least 73% of citizens already know it (Pew Research). More people learn the facts every day. The rest are not interested in facts or truth, but self-serving ideology.

The letter writer parrots the “for immigration reform” line that we are tired of, and ignores the fact of illegal immigration. Everyone is in favor of legal immigration and most know that America must know who is coming in. If you accept his all-or-nothing position, you must lump all “immigration” advocates with that self-avowed Socialist L.A. teacher who calls openly for violent “Communist…overthrow of the American government…and frail white people…for the Race (la Raza)”. Fortunately, everyone knows that the stance of his infamous on-line video is opposed by most detractors of Arizona’s law.

The writer also ignores the half-million illegals already in Arizona and clogging their schools, prisons (40.1%), hospitals and job market, to approve of “Working Joe’s” boycott, which will only hurt the working citizens of that state. I’m sorry, but what he calls “some of the basics in this ridiculous law” cannot be called anything but a lie. Read it’s protections and safeguards for yourself at: http://www.azleg.gov/legtext/49leg/2r/bills/sb1070s.pdf ! If anything, it would help weed out any racist officers, who could have mis-used any other law without the sanctions.

Baca’s dishonest and anti-American position is not “a stand for all of the constituents he represents”. The writer gets only one thing right: many in both parties have failed in their Constitutional duties, but Baca “should be judged” for his active support of illegal immigration over American safety and sovereignty and for his unjust attack on the people of a sister State.

Curtis Allen
Ontario, Ca

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