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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Read before you mis-lead

It is stunning. The glaring and constant attacks on fact, common sense and truth, as well as the Constitution of the United States, without even a nod to reality, defy belief. Over and over, the President of the United States and his Attorney General, Eric Holder, inaccurately and unfairly attack the people of Arizona and the Constitutional, equitable law to protect them from foreign criminals, drugs, kidnappings and murders.

Weeks ago, Obama directed Holder to investigate what he had already announced was a “misguided” and “unfortunate” law. On 5-17, one of his leftist State Department appointees, Michael Posner, gleefully announced that he “apologized early and often” to Communist China (whose own policy was to murder 70 million civilians) for the “human rights violations” of Arizona’s mild law. Today, the Socialist President of the United States held a grand, ceremonial fĂȘte of Socialist President Calderon of Mexico (whose own immigration laws and corruption make Arizona look generous and inspired). They both lied in response to only two, pre-approved, pro-illegal questions. Yet, as I write this on 5-19, they all claim not to have read the law. This is because reading the law would pin them down with the fact that it is Constitutional and fair. Meanwhile, too many believe their deception.

Just as uninformed is the writer of “Ills of Drilling” on behalf of the League of Women Voters. She calls for a halt to all drilling because of the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. She says that “we are not capable of responding to oil spills”. This really is a disaster, but the last American event of this magnitude was the Exxon Valdez; a tanker leak over 21 years ago. The current spill was caused by a very suspicious chain of failures and explosions on a deep-water rig many miles offshore. Being out to sea and a mile deep, it is difficult to plug or investigate. But federal regulations have kept dry-land and shallow, in-shore production limited for years. So, we drill off the Continental shelf and pay for foreign oil from countries with no environmental laws and no love for America; imported in tankers.

In fact, despite the thousands of producing American rigs, every significant spill in over 29 years has been from tanker accidents. In most years, the natural seepage of oil from the ocean floor exceeds all American oil rig leaks. Most large tanker spills go unreported here, because they do not blacken American beaches or wildlife. Tankers burn millions of tons of fuel each year, just plowing through thousands of miles of ocean before they arrive at terminals in our ports. Tankers are also easy targets for terrorists, at a time when federal weakness is inviting attack.

We are years away from oil independence, though gas, coal, solar and wind technologies are advancing. While foreign enemies and ambitious Socialists would profit from the collapse of American industry and economy, Americans will not tolerate it once they know the facts.

Meanwhile, the techno-geek clichĂ©, “Read The Flipping Manual” (or law, industry statistic, history, etc), is not just good advice, it is necessary for survival. If your leaders won’t do it, then read for yourself.

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