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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More time?

On Sept 30, 2010 Obama said at one of his incessant fundraisers that it was the Republicans who brought on the current state of the economy. 
The GOP really has spent too much and permitted too much government over recent years.  But it was Obama and the Democratic/Progressive Congressional super-majority that collapsed the mortgage market, that quadrupled the debt in less than 2 years, that piled up debt approaching the level of our total national production (GDP) and a bigger deficit than every administration from Washington to Clinton, combined.  They did it against the rules of Congress and Senate, the will of the people and the Constitution of the United States.  They lied, bribed and threatened to get every bill through the House and Senate, blocking hundreds of Republican amendments from being heard, and insulting the sovereign People of the United States along the way.

But, wait, there’s more.

Our President said that Democrats just need “a little more time” to complete their fundamental transformation of our government.  They want to accelerate the Socialist destruction of our economy and the “redistributing” of our earnings; not in generous American charity, but confiscation and handing out to cronies and those they deem worthy.  Leftists “have a right to be impatient about the pace of change… Now is not the time to give up.”  In case you missed it, Obama just shut down our offshore oil production and sent the rigs to Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil along with billions of our dollars.   Mexico will put theirs right back into service in the "fragile ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico".  Just imagine what they could do to us if only they were given “more time”.

Obama continued, “We’ve been through worse as a nation… from war to depression to the great struggles for equal rights and civil rights.  It took time to free the slaves.  It took time for women to get the vote.  It took time for workers to get the right to organize.”

How Ironic.  How dishonest.  In what he had called “the important war” the “Commander-in-Chief” dithered and delayed for four months before giving his hand-picked commander only ¾ of the needed reinforcements, while our sons and daughters were under fire.  What did he tell advisers in those months of meetings?  He told them to stop giving him victory strategies: "I want an exit strategy… I have two years with the public on this… I can't lose the whole Democratic Party."

Depression?  What does he suppose caused the Great Depression?  It was Democrat Hoover, followed by Socialist Roosevelt, and their bloated-government taxation and regulation that brought down the Roaring Twenties.  As has been pointed out before, such Keynesian ideology has never worked in any country, throughout history.  Conservatives’ (like Harding, Coolidge and Reagan) policies of small government, moderate regulation and lower taxes have nearly always boosted prosperity and jobs.  By the way, Reid and Pelosi just sent Congress home without calling for a vote on any of the expiring Bush tax cuts.  They are allowing a huge, automatic tax increase on all Americans, “rich” employers, middle class workers and the poor, to play politics.

Equal rights?  It was Socialist, American  racists Charles Davenport and  Madison Grant that tried to prove Eugenics were scientific and inspired the National Socialists (NAZIs) in Germany.  Progressive Margaret Sanger founded “the Negro Project”, seeking to ‘stop the breeding’ of blacks.  It lives on in its successor, Planned Parenthood, and has destroyed millions of black babies.   The Bipartisan 1964 Civil Rights Act, created by conservative Democrat JFK, was delayed and obstructed by Southern-Democrat Committee Chairmen.  It was then stuffed with unfair, preferential hiring and education provisions before being passed, to keep the GOP from getting credit for it.  Even so, Democrats like George Wallace blocked minority students at school doors until National Guard troops escorted them, and harassed Dr. King and other leaders.

Freeing the slaves?  Obama chooses to ignore that it was Republican Lincoln that signed the Emancipation Proclamation, which was enforced by the sacrifice of 700,000 lives.  It was Democrats, owners of every plantation in the South, that fought against ending slavery in the Declaration of Independence in 1776, the Constitution in 1789 and leading us into Civil War.

Women’s rights?  Women and blacks voted and held office in northern colonies.  The Southern-Democrat delegates demanded their disenfranchisement in order to ratify the Constitution.  Later, the abolitionist Liberty Party was the first champion of the Women’s Suffrage movement.  It was absorbed into the sympathetic, new Republican Party.

Workers’ rights?  Where has there ever been more honest freedom for workers and entrepreneurs than the Constitutional, Capitalist United States?  Not the fraudulent, Socialist “workers’ paradise” in Europe (currently engulfed in riots because it is unsustainable) but actual improvement in lifestyle.  It was Governor Billy Adams (D) of Colorado that put down a miner’s strike in Colorado.  You have heard of it:  mine owners got National Guard machine guns in 1927, and mowed down 28 strikers, killing 8, at just one mine.  They then violently put down other strikes across the region.  Progressive Adams provided the guns.

Progressive Socialists have always been good at handing out “bread and circuses” at election time, and enslaving the people in between.  They are also good at writing fictional history books and force-feeding our kids revisionist history.

Sorry.  November 2nd is almost here.  Time’s up.

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