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Monday, August 2, 2010

Obamacare freakout....

....or, "Weiner fries in his own greasy rhetoric".

Congressman (one can't call him "representative" since he actively opposes the will of the People and the Constitution) Weiner gets all plumped up under the heat of his own attempt to grill Republicans over federal (i.e. unlawful) health care.
If you watch carefully - - it's funny how the first YouTube version I found actually excites the lefty that posted it as somehow teaching Republicans a lesson - - you will see Wiener say to 'either vote for a bill if you favor it, or vote against it if you oppose it'. He goes on to slam every Republican (overlooking the handful of Democrats who came to oppose the illegal takeover), despite attempts by them to negotiate. When some dare to voice truth (probably in violation of House rules) in opposition to Wiener's hysterical and self-contradictory rants, Wiener "deems" himself to be Speaker of the House and handles the discipline and control of the body himself. He issues orders reserved for the 'chairperson' (Speaker) or Sgt.-at-Arms of the chamber... and then comments on his own results!

Oh, and you have to try to ignore the fact that Conservatives (and reluctant RINOs) are simply obeying the wishes of their constituents and the requirements of law. Also, they are arguing the Unconstitutional Obamacare, not bargaining for which State gets a necessary Air Force Base or whether to approve a budget extension.

I wish I weren't a Socialistic Weiner.
That is what I never longed to be.
'Cause since I am a Socialistic Wiener,
I roast in my own hypocriticality.

Poll numbers dropping lower than my demeanor,
My ego seems to get the best of me.
I can't control my words or my behavior,
So everybody points and laughs at me.

Conservatives keep cooling down our fever.
They won't buy our ideology.
So here I am, a loser, Marxist Weiner.
Trying to kill Constitutionality.

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