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Saturday, July 31, 2010

...you turn your back for a couple weeks...

I just got back from a camping trip, and lots happened while I was gone.

President Obama took a presidential jaunt (4 planes, hundreds of personnel) to Detroit to tout his auto industry takeover and cash for clunkers. The funny thing is, Detroit is still drowning in unemployment, there was one MORE closed dealership than I usually drive by locally, and it turns out that the pushed-forward GM (Government Motors) “Volt” costs $40,000 but only gets 40 miles per charge (if one doesn’t use the lights or cigarette lighter). They haven't paid off the clunkers thing yet, and sales are still off.

A Progressive judge enjoined parts of Arizona’s law: the parts that would actually help in the illegal alien crisis, and coincidentally, the parts already enacted by Federal Law in many places and supported by precedent in Arizona’s favor. It will be ironic if the most-overturned-court-in-history 9th Circuit has to reverse the injunction before the Supreme Court does. Of the 10,000 National Guard troops asked for, and 1,200 promised, the 540 actually committed to Arizona turn out to be “boots on the desk” instead of “boots on the ground”. Oh, and they won’t be deployed for months. Boycott cities send thousands of California protesters to violently protest the law. But Obama’s White House is generating planning memos for executive orders to declare amnesty for illegal aliens, bypassing Congress altogether, so it may all be moot.

Global Warming still isn’t. Frenetic Federal spending and cancerous taxes still aren’t saving money, increasing productivity or enticing employers to invest in new employees with their bloating health/benefit costs. The Gulf is still oily. Iran and NoKor still unrestrained and un-chastened. A pedophile still runs the federal Department of Education that isn't even within federal powers.

But though a D.A. refused to charge Al Gore for sexual assault (it's okay; he said he didn’t do it, you see?), Congressional ethics committees in place for years have finally brought charges against N.Y. tax writer and tax cheat Charlie Rangel (D) and Maxine “nationalize and redistribute for justice” Waters (D) for steering millions of taxpayer dollars to one of her favorite banks. Obama hopes that since Charlie “served” for so many years, he can “retire in dignity” without any of those pesky, legal responsibilities that come with profiteering. The President has not yet commented on Maxine.

One thing that hasn't changed? Very little of all this is accurately reported in a timely fashion by the "mainstream media".

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