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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Trying to “Dumb Down” the electorate.

In a July 6th Point of View, Richard Cohen of the oft-opining Washington Post explains why he changed his opinion of Colorado Democrat Michael Bennet. It seems that Senator Bennet’s stance at first appeared anti-Obama, or “the biggest jerk in Washington” as Cohen put it. Cohen then looked up his web page. That web page does not appear to state Bennet’s Party affiliation anywhere and tries to paint him as a Washington outsider. Doubtless, he’s trying to avoid the fate of so many pro-Left candidates this year. Cohen found that Bennet is a National Education Association supporter (rather than state/local controlled education, as the Constitution requires) and a Yale graduate. That made him tops with Progressive supporter Cohen, as would his support (carefully disguised on his page) of Obama’s “health care” takeover, stimulus (I and II), “cap and trade” energy nationalization, taxes and climate justice.

It seems that Cohen likes the Ivy-league educated, lifetime power, large-national-government crowd and disapproves of “dumb” citizens who dare to take up public service for a short term, as the Founders designed our Republic. These are the professorial/lawyerly types that are currently taking care of the still-leaking, still-spreading oil in the Gulf and our troops in Afghanistan. I guess Cohen hasn’t heard that the average Tea Party member has a higher I.Q., higher education and slightly higher standard of living than the national average. What they lack is an elitist demeanor: deciding that they know better than those annoying PEOPLE in every instance. They would do foolish things like following established procedures to protect Americans regardless of political ideology, enforce laws regardless of race or connections, and accept expert advice from those with experience in a given field.

How dumb is that?

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