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Sunday, July 4, 2010

More symptoms of the disease in D.C.

Democratic "representative" Pete Stark ignores reality, serious questions, constituents' dignity, and American sovereignty all in one shot. He acts like he's annoyed that his afternoon "bowl" has been interrupted by having to deal with the People.

Following Boxer's "hey, call me Senator" to a combat general (here) ,Murtha's overruling of clear votes against his wishes (here), Frank refusing to answer contituents' questions (all versions removed from YouTube), Ethridge manhandling and haranguing a student reporter on a public street (here) ,Waters admitting intent to seize private companies (here), Obama repeatedly disrespecting the National Anthem (here) and a seemingly endless stream of those that can't even control their mouths ("F" this and "S" that in U.S. government session in front of the world and its kids), it seems that we have a bunch of drunks or mean 4th graders* running the most powerful nation on Earth. And running it (economically, militarily and morally) into the ground like a lawn dart.

I haven't even gotten into Pelosi, Reid and Biden's "you gotta pass these [huge, incomprehensible, reckless and corrupt] bills to find out what's in them", or the profiteering going on with friends of Dodd, Frank, Rangel, Emanuel, ACORN, SEIU, et al.

We're getting into the "summer of recovery", when we're supposed to ignore resurgent unemployment, slowing economy and soaring debt, encouraged alien invasion, endless oil being ignored in the Gulf, declining world reputation, etc, and remember government givaways, empty promises and revisionist/Socialist history. Time to fumigate, sterilize and replace the whole mob. Then burn the clothes afterward. And bury them. With lye. And close the site.

*Apologies to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders who have more integrity and control of their vocabulary than these and other "representatives".

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