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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Last deal: the race card (from the bottom)

There has been much indiscriminate slinging of the trigger-word, “racism” recently. Armed thugs with paramilitary uniforms and racist insignia chase voters away from polls and are not prosecuted. The same splinter group (fortunately not representative of their race) shouts for murder of another race and all their children as a political option. Others (again, a small minority of their people) shout “the Race!” in their attacks on those they call “racist” for lawfully seeking the same sovereignty that every nation on Earth has always sought. They prefer the place whose corrupt squalor drove some of their families to climb barbed wire and cross deserts. The U.S. Justice Department under Holder and Obama (and most media) has no interest in these; or in the sovereignty, for that matter.

The Progressive DOJ joins La Raza and a degraded NAACP (abandoning their "sensible" history to support the New Black Panthers) in throwing “racist” at the Tea Parties. The ones labeled are the same tens millions of working, God fearing, family folks that have not been involved in ANY of the significant acts of violence over the last year and a half; or even littering, for that matter. Even Rep. Cleaver finally admitted he was not spit upon or called names. Leftists know that these people work hard to include everyone and the false charge is very upsetting to them.

I have been to many rallies that are basically “Tea Parties”. Millions of people are angry over reckless spending and arrogant leadership, and some will occasionally wish about bopping some generic, absent leader or another in the nose. There are a few mocking pictures, but zero death threats and zero “lynching” comments or nooses. With the tens of thousands of protesters I have seen and signs I have read, I know of only one actual racist statement from the right:
At a rally of about 5,000 protesters, a carload of teenagers (these were black, but passersby were of all groups and mostly supportive) yelled obscenities at us. Most of us just laughed, but one protester yelled the same words back, adding [the N word] at the end. This “fellow protester” was immediately set upon by those who were close enough to see, and shouted down for lowering us “to their level” and hurting the fair, factual arguments we were making. He left on his own.

Obviously, in any group of many millions, there will be a few bad actors. However, since the Tea Parties seek restoration of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, their ideals include “domestic tranquility” and “all Men are created equal”. We oppose the whims of a powerful few over the equal rule of law. Some of the stars of the rallies are intelligent, free-thinking minority members who have sought the truth on their own. They are often attacked by those splinter groups and Democrats, who do not want “their” minorities thinking for themselves or looking into things.

My invitation: check for yourself. Stop (with a smile) and chat at a rally. At least check out “that other news channel”.

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