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Friday, July 16, 2010

American voters know Obama is “Socialist”

A poll Wednesday confirms that 55% of likely voters are aware that Obama (and by extension, his entire administration) is a Socialist. 15% aren’t sure and 25% deny his ideology. It is gratifying that a solid majority recognize the facts: “Progressive” means Progressive Socialist, and amounts to “sneaky Communist”. But given the dozens of self-proclaimed Communists, Marxists and Maoists he has appointed, the punishment he has inflicted on the free-market institutions that create everything around you, the repeated attacks on American sovereignty and disrespect he has shown the Constitution; one must proclaim, “Duh.” Why else did he appoint “I’m a Progressive” Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, tax-cheating Marxist Tim Geithner as Treasury Secretary and “redistributive justice” Attorney General Eric "nation of cowards" Holder, etc, if not to bring down the American giant that brought down the USSR in the Cold War?

Having gotten this far against constant denials by nearly every Democrat (many are just sincerely "liberal") and determined propaganda of the so-called news media, the next step is to define ‘Socialist’. Is there anything wrong with Socialists in charge of the world’s capitalist engine? There are differences, but they amount to the differences between Pippins and Granny Smiths. Basically, there is one political party, outside of which there little or no private property, standards of living are “redistributed” to the lowest common denominator and innumerable regulations ensure that everyone does everything exactly the same way. Anything wrong? Yes. It is the worst possible arrangement, and exchanging Obama for any other Communist would not improve things.

Socialists are not nice folks. You may have been taught that Hitler and his NAZIs were far-right oppressors. They murdered 11 million innocent Jews, Gypsies, intellectuals, gays, and disabled persons, plus causing millions more casualties in WWII. But “NAZI” is short for Nationalsozialistischen Partei or National Socialist Party. They were just a different variety from the German Communist Party (Deutsche Kommunistische Partei), and most members of one were members of both through the 1920’s. When the bosses quarreled over who would be the big boss in1933, Hitler won and killed, jailed or ejected the Communists.

Joseph Stalin (Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili) and his Communists in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics were worse. He killed chief deputy Trotsky and hundreds of army generals when they looked too ambitious, killed his own troops for having been captured by the Germans, and another 35 million innocent civilians. Read “the Gulag Archipelago” sometime. Despite having far more arable land than the U.S., Communists nearly starved their own population many times as they bankrupted the USSR over 70 years, but the people all had lots of “rights” as they suffered. Their hundreds of rights were government-issued and “subject to change without notice”, not endowed by their Creator and unalienable, like ours. Various Soviet leaders promised to destroy the U.S., either directly by force or by infiltration over time. They also fomented hundreds of large and small insurrections around the world, promising the poor a “workers’ paradise” before co-opting the bloody revolutions for Communist oppression and taking millions more lives. The sociopathic mass-murderer (and great tactician), Che Guevara of Argentina, got to personally shoot hundreds of helpless Cuban prisoners this way.

But Stalin and his pals were pikers compared to Mao Zhedong. This is the one idolized by Obama’s former Communication Director, Anita Dunn. Mao’s Communist regime managed to murder about 70 million Chinese. Of course, many of them were just peasant farmers that quietly starved in a country with a billion suppressed workers, so it’s hard to get specific numbers. Chinese have the right to have a child. One (1) child. Period. Get pregnant again or try to teach your own kid how to live, and go to jail. And then there was the Chinese-backed North Korean invasion of South Korea (remember “M.A.S.H.”?) and a little trouble in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

There are other, “softer” Socialist nations. All of them control everything, whether they allow a privileged few to “own” government-controlled “private property”, or just call everything “the People’s” after seizing it from those that built or paid for it. They regulate cradle-to-grave and tax everything they can think of. The joyous proletariat have oodles of “rights” guaranteeing them free stuff, but have no right to question the government when the rights aren’t fulfilled. Or select their own leaders. Or own a gun. Or pick their own apartment. Or travel without a permit. Or leave the country. Or speak their mind. And religion, after being perverted into seditious “Liberation Theology” (teaching that God wants everyone to give everything to the government for redistribution, to earn Grace) is strictly forbidden. As Marx and Engles specifically explained in their Manifesto (look it up), religion is a “counter-revolutionary” competitor for the loyalty of the masses.

But I digress. Beautiful, peaceful countries like Greece are Socialist, too. Their happy workers riot and burn banks (with the employees still inside) when the Government can no longer afford all the promised perks, like every Socialist country in history. Then the Government sends in the troops. In Britain, you have the right to free medical care; unless you are old, or already used a lot of services, or disagree with the treatment, or can’t wait months or years for an appointment. And while there is no right to “free speech” if it means (for example) identifying Arab terrorists as “Arab terrorists”, you get to pay taxes and a cost of living much, much higher than in the U.S.

If you want Socialism, there is plenty of it outside the U.S. Leave our Freedom alone.


  1. Hitler was a member of one of the communist army councils, when the reds seized Munich. His name is recorded in a voting record. He switched allegiances to the fascists when they retook the city, as did many of his comrades. Ostensibly, this was because they could name names, and gain favor with the new boss. Later, Hitler would go on to describe his disassociation with the red (Bolshevik) movement was due to his love of Marx's philosophy, which had been corrupted by the Jews.

  2. Thanks for the interesting details. I knew that Communist and National Socialist cells in most Stadts pretty much shared rosters, but I always enjoy learning more.
    And how typical was it to blame the opposition for something so completely unrelated... Like "climate injustice" being caused by "capitalists", or racism and lack of civility being the fault of Tea Partiers.


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