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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brit gets it spot on:

 A week after the dispatch of bin Laden, and Obama is pretty much ignoring the first 4 steps (Rendition, Water boarding, KSM and GITMO) that ultimately led Bush era CIA down the road to where SEALs-VI found the self-hailed mass murderer and enemy combatant commander.  Either Obama is psychic and dreamed up the location, or everything that Obama vehemently opposed (or voted "present" on) as a community organizer and State and U.S. Senator made his single correct and "leader" like decision possible.

Europeans are getting media coverage as bad or worse than our "mainstream" disinformation  system, but at least one Brit (from thousands of miles away) has a lock on reality in this case:

[thanks to patcondell and YouTube]

Of course, if you are Eric "coward" Holder, Obama's appointee to the inJustice Dept, little things like perfectly legal and globally standard (if not fairly genteel and subdued) interrogation techniques, world-class facilities like GITMO and the resultant elimination of bin Laden simply aren't positive things:

[thanks to theBlaze and YouTube]

 - - - -
Personally, since he's "not a Muslim" according to many of their spokespeople, I think bin Laden should have been launched out of a torpedo tube.  Of course, you need to lube torpedoes, so a coat of bacon grease should do before loading the aft tube and target-locking on a sewage outlet.

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