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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Obama, Holder & Co bravely turn tail

One of the first acts by President Obama (January 2009) was to order Guantanamo Bay Detention Center closed, to promote the “humanitarian” image of the U.S.  When he appointed Eric Holder as Attorney General, Holder immediately denounced the U.S. as “a nation of cowards.”  So much for the honeymoon.

Guantanamo Bay (Naval Base), or “Gitmo”, is the place where the U.S. houses alien, illegal combatants.  It’s in American-held territory on Cuba, to keep them away from you and yours.  They are tried by military tribunals under long standing U.S. and international law, since they are not citizens and their crimes and arrests originated outside America’s borders.  Khalid Sheik Mohammad had already submitted a guilty plea as a mastermind of the 9-11 attacks, resulting in the murders of 2,977 innocent American men, women and children of all races and beliefs.  K.S.M. (who also claims openly to have personally beheaded kidnapped American Daniel Pearl) and four conspirators were awaiting hearings on their pleas.  Those pleas were withdrawn on the terrorists behalf, so they could be tried in civilian courts.

Holder’s (and obviously, Obama's) idea was to re-try KSM and the others – and all other captured terrorists regardless of combat conditions of arrest, military interrogation, national security information, or security of the American courtroom neighborhood - in civilian courts in NYC.  These were projected to cost many millions of dollars and to give the terrorists a public forum for their hateful message, with full media coverage.  They would take many years and make many lawyers rich.  Security would cost more millions and disrupt many city blocks in New York.  They would be almost as close to Ground Zero as the Cordoba House Victory Mosque (whose 15 story building would literally cast a shadow over the World Trade Center Memorial on summer mornings).

The resultant outcry was overwhelming.  Progressives tried to support Obama and Holder, who spouted all sorts of groundless rationalizations and strained justifications for the civilian trials.  Holder made Americans everywhere proud of their Department of Justice by guaranteeing in advance that he would get convictions. Obama finished off any pretense of a fair trial by saying that 9-11 victims’ families, New Yorkers in general and fans of American sovereignty would not be offended once “they are all convicted and executed”.  Oops.  Not very American, let alone Presidential.  But he made it all better by adding, “…not that I’m trying to influence the trial – I won’t be there…”

Holder made noises about foolproof security (against people that are willing to “martyr” themselves along with entire neighborhoods with truck bombs or airliners).  That’s a lot of NYPD cops with their service pistols.  He pretended to have other U.S. venues available.  He then moved past the issue altogeher, seeming to forget about “swift justice for the victims”.  That was a year and a half ago.  Since then, he has: determined that whites simply cannot be the victim of crimes by minorities; imagined that bogus statistics would make millions of illegal aliens and rising crime rates disappear; sued a sovereign American State that passed a mild law (requiring local officers to cooperate with federal immigration agents);  and decided that a duly passed, signed, constitutional and publicly supported law will not be defended by his “justice” Department, usurping the judgment of the Supreme Court.  Busy guy.  Brave guy.

The world turned.  Terrorist attacks on the U.S., kept at bay since 2001, started getting through.  They were thwarted only by the incompetence of the underwear bomber, Times Square bomber and others, or the fortunate observations of civilians.  Holder and Homeland Security’s Napolitano took credit.  He also announced that increasing incidents of home-grown terrorism weren’t terrorist related, despite dozens of proven contacts with Al Qaida recruiters.  Other plots were blamed on “dangerous, right wing extremists”, though all participants had Leftist or Jihadist connections, hated the Constitution and denounced Christianity.  Hey, if they use a gun, they must be “Tea Baggers” (Tea Party members), right?  Comrade Kalashnikov MUST have been a Tea Partier.  Never mind that with many millions of conservative protesters in thousands of rallies, none of them has even littered, let alone threatened anyone, bitten off a finger, or shot a public official.  (For those starting to pronounce, “McVeigh”, better check on his being a strident agnostic who hated Bush and recited Socialist poetry on his way to the death chamber; he was at the most a bottom-of-the-circular-continuum-anarchist, nudging up against the Communist revolutionary). Meanwhile, the 9-11 victims’ families testified in Congress this week that they felt tortured by the total lack of respect, understanding and justice by Holder’s “justice” Department.

Now, reality has dawned on Obama’s Left, who has given up on closing Gitmo.  Actually, he announced last year that, if convictions were NOT obtained on the dozens of foreign terrorists we hold, they would be held forever anyway.  Hmm.  Seems like a different take on the U.S. civilian justice system to me.  It does go with his guarantee of convictions and executions, though.  Will it make anti-Americans feel better about our justice system?  Back to the ‘jailed indefinitely’ announcement: when asked where the not-guilty, detained-forever, civilian court acquitties would be held, he dithered about alternate sites before admitting that only the “closed” Gitmo is suitable.

So on April 4th, Holder finally got around to announcing that Gitmo is in business permanently and that KSM will be tried (all over again) there.  He bravely sidestepped responsibility for the dangerous, expensive and humiliating civilian trials fiasco, and (apologies to the Eagles) points his crooked little finger at “interference” from Congress, like his boss.  That would be the same Progressive dominated Congress that wielded their two years of Super-majority like a cane to thrash minority conservatives (as well as the ignored and insulted American People) with.  Funny: two years of worsening economy (caused by a Congress dominated by Democrats since 2006) was all “Bush’s fault”, yet a Conservative Congress, opposed by a Progressive-dominated Senate and White House, are to blame for policy after being sworn-in only 2 months ago.

Obama is back from his Latin America tour, where he was when he snuck around congressional authority and the War Powers act by deploying No-Fly-Zone forces on the say-so of the U.N. (after weeks of dithering while the Libyan Rebels were driven back from the brink of victory).  He was in Brazil to promise the American purchase of Gulf Coast oil from them, to go with the billions of dollars in “aid” he gave them along with forcing our rigs into their hands.  The only new announcement he made since returning is that (brace yourself) he is running for reelection.  Obama has been in self-aggrandizing campaign mode without pause for 26 months.  He promises to raise a billion dollars for his campaign.  Billion.  We are missing hundreds of those from the TARP, automotive industry redistribution and stimulus bills.

Other brave deeds by those un-cowardly Socialists:
The budget that they are arguing about - - the one with a possibility of a “government shutdown”?  It should have been passed by last October.  Progressives feared publishing or voting on their spending spree just before November’s elections, and refused to present a budget.  The new, Conservative Congress has managed to pass a bill that will avoid bankruptcy, but Reid still refuses to submit a budget bill of any kind in the Senate.  Dems’ rhetoric only amounts to about 4.5 billion in imaginary cuts.  Obama’s orders added another trillion to this year’s debt before his hollow offer to “freeze spending”.  They all groan over fabricated “seniors not receiving meals; cops, nurses and teachers fired” etc.  Crying unicorns, puppies with tummy aches, fairies dropping out of the sky. The GOP has attempted to cut 60 billion (about 1.5% of this years’ deficit) from this year’s plan, in chunks of a couple billion for each 2-week continuing resolution. 

Now finally, there is a budget that is in scale with the magnitude of the actual debt.  Representative Paul Ryan (R) submitted a budget to cut 4-6 trillion dollars out of our 14 trillion dollar debt over 10 years.  It’s not another foot-thick Pelosi special, but a simple bill of reforms that cut non-essential programs and personnel from every department.  It preserves Medicare, implementing almost exactly the same system that our Progressive elected officials (who gave themselves and their union cronies exemptions from “mandatory” Obamacare) have.  Funny how Dems aren’t audacious enough to mention that, or the fact that those at or near retirement age can keep the current system.

Remember the gyrations that Progressives put everyone through about retaining the Bush tax cuts?  Progressives were afraid to allow a vote on a successful economic program of the dreaded Bush.  The IRS actually had to print another entire tax code (thousands of pages, thousands of copies) because of the histrionics, then scrap it and print the updated version.  Businesses wanting to add employees had yet another reason to be nervous about hiring.  Unemployment, which Progressive/Keynesian policies were guaranteed to keep below 8%, has finally fallen below 9% (if you ignore the additional 8% of Americans without jobs that the government has stopped counting) for the first time since Obama took office.  Ultimately, the cuts were extended, resulting in the modest improvement.  The remaining fear of hiring is due to Obamacare and E.P.A. threats to available energy.

Then there is the ‘flat’ rate of inflation.  Things officially cost no more than they did last year, though you know you are paying 30% more.  How’s that?  The White House ordered fuel and food to be excluded from the formulas that we have always used to figure inflation.  See, they have been going through the roof, and the majority is afraid that it makes their Keynesian policies look even worse than is already obvious.  You have noticed the increases, though you were told not to. Bad you!

And now finally, the “vote early, vote often” purchase of a Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice by Unions, afraid to let the People speak.

To paraphrase Progressive Socialists Reid, Pelosi and Obama, ‘We won the election.  If you don’t like it, elect someone else.’  The American people aren’t afraid to step up and deal with that one.

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