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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Moonbeam more like loose (potato) cannon

In her Feb 3rd "Laser Beam", the Washington Post's Ruth Marcus walks us down a path of truth.  Jerry Brown's State of the State address was more specific than President Obama's State of the Union.  In fact, Obama's reading was as inspired and decisive as a substitute math teacher (apologies to teachers) reciting the instructions to your old V.C.R.  There was nothing in the carefully tele-prompted speech to offend (or inform) any potential Independent voter.  No direction pointed out and nothing to to be pinned down on later.  It was actually worse than his old I'm-willing-to-say-anything-to-get-elected or pass-a-bill days.

But "responsible"?  Sorry, but at that point Marcus hangs a u-turn on her path and pushes the throttles up to after-burner.  What Brown was so "focused" on was higher taxes.

The Progressive Democrat dominated legislature has run up a debt of $25 billion over the past few decades.  They passed a temporary tax, promising to close the gap, two years ago.  As Marcus reports, they slashed the general fund. But they refuse to even discus their sacred-cow, specified funds: fat union bosses, plentiful abortions, stigma-free welfare, happy animals, comfy and numerous illegal aliens, lots of business-strangling regulations, etc.  They will (like Obama, Pelosi, Reid & Co) threaten to cut police, firefighters, teachers and granny's care if "nothing is done".

As Marcus misrepresents, 2/3 of Californians want a chance to vote on taxes, but not because they fear they will be deprived by the conservative minority of the pleasure of paying more. So what is Brown's "laser" focused on?  A five (5) year extension of the two (2) year "temporary" tax - - but approved by voters rather than vulnerable legislators(D).  Oh, and with the usual list of threats if it fails.  And stand by for the increases in gas, vehicle registration and other taxes and "fees", no matter which way the vote goes.

Brilliant.  Moonbeam at his Progressive best.  It sounds more like Marcus is joining the Leftist "dump Obama" crowd (Soros, Weiner, Politico, Huffington, et al) than seriously defending Brown's red herring.  But Brown, like Clinton and the rest, all have the same playbook (Maynard Keynes channeling Marx), even if they have competing campaign staffs. And speech writers.

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