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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We’ll stop being angry . . . when they stop lying.

Almost everyone I know watches at least some FOX News, even if just to fact-check them.  They out-draw any other single outlet, and all of Leftist cable.  Certainly, the top Progressive Socialists attacking our Constitution keep a close eye on them;  FOX tells too much truth, counterbalanced with Progressive viewpoints, for them to be left alone by rulers that favor censorship and propaganda.  It angers most of us when they permit so many bald-faced lies by the Lefties.  Beck presents nothing but facts in his target's own words, but then he insists "don't take my word for it - look it up".  Even "no-spin" O'Reilley is too easy with many of them.   It's worse when our elected "representatives" spout the same bile and it threatens the prosperous Constitutional Republic of our kids and grandkids.

The Progressive Socialists that currently rule from the White House, Capital Hill and Sacramento are learning just how deep of a hole they face in a couple weeks (November 2).  Everything from a 'landslide' to a 'tsunami' or 'clean sweep' are predicted.  Faithful to Socialist Saul Alinsky’s playbook (asserting that ‘ends always justify the means’ and dedicated [or "cited as authority" if you are a pedantic, Media Matters spin agent] to Lucifer ), Democratic candidates use distractions and lies, claiming to be more conservative than their opponents, while DNC leaders double down on insults and bigger lies.  Billionaire George Soros funds smear campaigns.

The theme in ads from the Left (other than personal attacks and obscenities) is “I voted againstPelosi, Reid, Obama or health-care.  Voters should know that the few who actually voted against them (rather than vaguely “opposed”) got permission to do so from the DNC party “whip”, to avoid endangering their take-over bills.  Here are other recent fabrications from the left.

My personal favorite, nationally: “Conservative extremists”.  Look up “mutually exclusive” in the dictionary.  Tea Parties scoured the Progressive taint from the GOP in this year’s primaries.  Democrats didn’t do that, though a few centrist incumbents were booted.  Conservatives just want to move part-way back toward the Constitution.

Unemployment, stalled at 9.6% through the “summer of recovery”, rose to 10.1% as of October 7th (per independent research). However, Obama and his Labor Secretary Hilda Solis cooked the numbers and claimed “no change” on Oct. 8th.  Worse, Obama only announced that “80,000 new jobs were created”, ignoring the 460,000 jobs lost during that time.  His trickle doesn’t keep up with the flood of losses.  Obama’s advisers know that Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried and now they are abandoning ship.

A desperate Barbara Boxer claims that Carly Fiorina personally laid off thousands of HP employees while giving herself a huge raise.  Those layoffs were cumulative over 6 years, including the acquisition of Compaq Inc and the necessary down-sizing.  So to be fair:  Boxer (whom her home-town San Francisco Chronicle refused to endorse) pushed the fraudulent 2006 Prop 32 “green” initiative (destructive “Cap and Tax” burden on California business); she ignored pleas to end the pointless federal shutoff of water to San Joaquin Valley farms (raising our food costs and putting 40% of the population out of work); and she fought for the disastrous Progressive programs that cost the U.S. over 5 million jobs and trillions of dollars, all over the last 2 years.  Fiorina’s raise was set by an independent salary board, not controlled by Fiorina, over 6 years of excellent growth by HP.  Fiorina “bought herself five jets”?  Really?  Those jets were acquired by HP, not Fiorina and they replaced four older planes: two were retired and two were short-range when HP needed intercontinental capability.

Jerry Brown and Gloria Allred claim that Meg Whitman knowingly employed an illegal alien and then “cheated her” before ruthlessly firing her.  Whitman used a temp agency that gave her copies of Nikki Diaz’s Driver’s License (Forged), Social Security card (forged) and I-90 citizen/tax ID verification (forged). Meg let Nikki pick her own schedule and paid her $23.00 per hour.  A year ago, Nikki told Whitman the truth after nine years of deceit and was fired as required by law.   But Allred claimed there was “proof” that Whitman knew in 2007.  Her “proof” turns out to be an administrative letter from Social Security, saying that Nikki might not get benefits because her SS number did not match.  It specifically says that the inquiry does not constitute proof of wrongdoing and that firing the employee would be a violation of law.  Further, it has a note from Whitman’s HUSBAND, not Meg, telling Nikki to ‘look into it’.  Nikki sat on it until confessing and getting fired.  She was referred by the DNC campaign to Allred, who set her news conference just weeks before election (as she did twice before).  Her “issues”?   Having to earn her $23.00 per hour and some “mileage” fees.

There are lots of prevarications in this year’s Propositions.  Prop 19 is a scam.  Does anybody really believe that ANY dealer will actually hand over tax money to the State or obey the ‘adults only’ rules once recreational marijuana is legalized?  Why would they do that?  Do we really need more intoxicants killing people in traffic or stoned babysitters?

Self-avowed Communist Revolutionary Van Jones is wrong: Prop 23 isn’t “dirty energy” and won’t “leave us behind green countries”.  Prop 23 reverses Prop 32 of 2006, releasing California from disastrous Kyoto protocol restrictions, designed to handicap the U.S. and redistribute industry and billions of dollars from Americans to China and the third world.  Even the Feds are too smart to ratify that.  Prop 32’s “scientists” admitted last week that their pollution reports were faked.  They were multiplied by 340%, just like the exposed “global warming” fraud.

Prop 24 increases piles more taxes (again) on employers, that are already fleeing California for fairer states.  Prop 25 is worse, claiming to ‘get budgets passed’. But like Pelosi’s “surprises”, hidden language in Prop 25 removes Prop 13’s protections, allowing a simple majority to pass higher taxes and fees, and allow Socialists to keep on spending.  Incumbent Dems want Prop 27 to scrap the Citizens Redistricting Committee that you just passed.  The CRDC’s work reduces their power and frees voters.

Obama announced on 10-10-10 that conservatives take money from “foreign corporations” and “shadowy figures” in a “threat to Democracy”.  Even the Leftist NY Times determined that there was no evidence of any such things, which would be crimes if true.  Pressed for any kind of proof, Obama’s senior advisor David Axelrod asked liberal CBS, “Can you prove there isn’t?”  Nothing was submitted for an ethics investigation by FBI, Congress or even Holder’s questionable DOJ.  DNC just issued a last minute smear (like “Ambush Allred”) on the say-so of a Socialist “Think Progress” blogger. Think Progress joined Obama’s “Organizing for America” in the failed 10-2-10 mini-rally of 400 anti-American groups.  What happened to “innocent until proven guilty”?

On 10-12-10, Obama’s deep water drilling ban in the “fragile” Gulf expired.  The only change was another tax on oil and an additional 1-day inspection.  No inspections were ordered during the 80-day blowout and 40 day White House stupor, or during the ban.  Obama shut down our off-shore wells for 6 months (plus weeks of startup, increasing the chance of blowouts) ignoring court orders.  75,000 Gulf Coast workers were thrown out of jobs.  Many rigs left U.S. leases for good, going to Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil.  The new PEMEX rigs will drill in the very same “fragile” Gulf and then sell the same oil to us at higher cost.   The “green” moratorium stands on safer, in-shore and on-shore rigs, so we will import even more oil in attack-vulnerable, higher-polluting tankers, from unfriendly suppliers.  Progressives say this will “prevent another spill”.  Whew!  I feel so relieved.

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