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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Avoid California's pitfalls.

Dear Arizona Daily Sun,

I am a Californian, visiting Flagstaff.  I am impressed by the political knowledge and involvement of most Arizonans.  They seem to see through most of the Leftist smokescreen, nationally.  I am disappointed to see this great place (where I’d like to settle for retirement) getting the same “medical marijuana” bill of goods in your Prop 203, that we were sold a couple of years ago in California.

Bud is really not much worse than alcohol, but beer doesn’t cause mouth or lung cancer.  And kids can’t hide a cold six-pack in their sock drawer or under their Peruvian beanie.  It’s also harder for officers to discover in the chaos of a traffic accident investigation.  Even liberal L.A. and San Francisco have trouble controlling their dope dispensaries.

I was a cop and I can tell you, most kids in trouble had scribbled notes in their wallets from their “doctor” for their smoke.  None of them knew what “medical condition” they had.  It turns out that few actually need pot for legitimate medical reasons, but many need to grow it or “hold it” for friends who do.
Now Californians want to legalize it “for tax revenue” (big surprise).  Some actually believe that, once it’s decriminalized and the pressure is off, the dealers will obey the “no sales to kids” rule and pay part of their take to the state.  I wonder, what would the Mexican cartels think about the competition?

I hope Arizona stays better than that.

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