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Friday, October 1, 2010

Allred, Brown, S.E.I.U. endorse Arizona SB1070

Bad, bad, Meg Whitman!

Years ago, she needed a housekeeper.  In 2000, she went through an employment agency, which ensures compliance with State and Federal laws.  She hired Nikki Diaz part-time, paying her $23.00 per hour, letting her pick her own schedule.  Nikki herself says that she was treated “like part of the family” for years.  So, when Nikki told Whitman in June of 2009 that she was illegal, and Whitman had to fire her (as required by law), she was shocked.  She feels abused and that she was treated “less than human”.  I know a lot of people who would like to be abused “like family” at 23 bucks per flexible hour.  The agency gave Whitman copies of Nikki’s Driver’s License, Social Security Card, Citizen/Tax I.D. and application, so she had not inquired further. 

Just 30 days before the election, Nikki’s lawyer, Leftist Gloria Allred, claimed that Meg Whitman was served with “proof” that Nikki was illegal, way back in April, 2003.  Meg could not remember any such “proof”.  This “proof” is an administrative notice of Social Security Number mis-match, asking for clarification.  It specifically says that it is not evidence of illegality and that firing an employee due to the inquiry is unlawful.  Whitman’s husband (not Meg) forwarded it to Nikki with a note to look into it. Nikki sat on it until she told Whitman the truth in June 2009.  Oh, and the original documents, which Nikki provided to get the job fraudulently, are all forgeries and constitute felonies.  Nikki says Whitman became "angry" and fired her upon telling the truth; she had trusted Nikki's statements and documents when certifying that all her employees were here legally, and has a campaign to run.

However Allred, her long-time Socialist ally Jerry  Brown and the S.E.I.U. (along with most Leftist politicians and media) have all been castigating Whitman, for failing to ask for her papers!  The Progressives say that Whitman should have "profiled" Nikki because she is "brown", speaks with a Mexican accent and was working as a housekeeper.  They say she should have asked for Nikki’s passport, birth certificate and green card when she hired her, despite all the documents provided to her.

It’s funny how they all tried to tell the lie that Arizona’s SB 1070 promotes profiling and checking “papers” without probable cause.  People read it and they know better: Arizona's law just prohibits lazy cops and "sanctuary cities" (violating federal law - without being sued!) from ignoring evidence of illegality, while specifically protecting civil rights.  Of course, Progressives really favor total amnesty and open borders.  But, this is Socialist politics and they work hard to engineer and exploit these deceptions, to enrage what they think are “gullible Hispanics”.  They think they own the Latino vote. Allred ran the same scam for recalled Liberal Gray Davis in 1973, and against Schwarzenegger in 2003, too close to the election to be proven false.  Voters saw through her then, too.

Whitman actually feels sorry for Nikki, who may have been promised special treatment or compensated by the Democratic machine running the smear.  Whitman has said she will take a different approach from Arizona when she is Governor.  Nikki will be thrown under the Progressive bus and subject to felony prosecution and deportation.  Allred will find more "clients" to take advantage of.


[ED. NOTE: The essay as published in the San Gabriel Valley Examiner contained an editing error (apparently by SophosArchaeus, as a draft contains the same omission) which makes it appear that the seminal events occurred in 2009, rather than from 2007 to 2009.  A correction was offered too close to printing to be inserted.]

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