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Friday, April 9, 2010

Balancing the Force

We need the Democrats. Yes, I said it. The United States has to have liberals.
Unfortunately, the small “L” liberal, or honest Democrat, is now rare. Far more endangered than Gore’s mythical, disappearing polar bears, though that is not saying very much. But recall that our system is designed to depend on checks and balances: federal and states’ rights, two houses of legislature and independent judiciary and separate executive, and finally, multiple parties (not specifically defined, permitting them to come and go). Without limits, sounding boards and foils to work with, we are weaker. If left unbalanced, the right can go haywire just as the left now has.

We have already seen Democrats, including some who fashion themselves as “fiscally conservative” or “pro-life”, being encouraged, coerced or bribed into voting for bill after bill that promote “free” abortion and threaten the economy of the U.S., and every state, with bankruptcy within a decade or two. This pressure comes from the Progressive wing of the Democratic Party. This is shorthand for Progressive Socialist, a 100 year old euphemism for Marxist. They learned to keep labels “small and friendly“ (like “Bullmoose” – aww) when Americans discovered and rejected the concept of killing our free-market, Constitutional Republic in favor of a dictatorial, central oligarchy running and regulating everything.

Today, the leftist S.E.I.U. union announced a third party in South Carolina, in opposition to Democrats as well as Republicans (Independents, Greens, etc). Of course they use a small, friendly label: the “North Carolina First Party”. They are evidently impatient with Obama’s pace of Socializing the U.S. - - or frightened by the roaring awakening of the vast majority of the People in defense of their country. These are the same nice folks who beat a peaceful Tea Party supporter and whose leader, Andy Stern, is the #1 visitor at the white house and makes no bones about being a revolutionary Marxist.

Now, in the current context, it is a good thing when anti-Constitutional groups want to splinter their votes. It increases the odds that conservatives will gain. But ironically, it is the Constitutional ideal itself that cries for some sort of Democratic/liberal entity to argue policy in the future, and the Socialist model that prohibits alternative parties. Each party has overlooked “small” abuses of legislative rules and “stretching” of Constitutional limits, though Democrats usually lead the charge. These were used as precedents in the huge bribes and violations of rules and complete disregard for the Constitution that we have now seen in nationalizing industries, interference in private business, giveaways of hundreds of billions of dollars to cronies and foreigners, abandonment of allies and arrogant, sneering contempt for the source of legitimate power in the U.S., the People.

We have to pray that some sort of conscientious, pro-American “left side” of the aisle survives after the return to legal federal authority, so that a conscientious right side can work with or against them and find the Constitutional middle ground for our kids and grandchildren.

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