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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bottom line

The Democrats say they have given up on government-run health care. That is, Obama directed Reid and others to stop arguing about the “public option” (AKA , “affordable option”, “fair option”, “co-op”, “triggered option”, “ Medicare buy-in”, “single payer”, etc) and placate Sen Lieberman to secure his vote. Some on the left fringe still feel everyone should get “free”, government-run medicine, and moderates worry about costs. To paraphrase radio expert Monica Crowley, it looks like their leadership is playing “Whack-a-Dem” to put down one argument at a time.

What’s left after the major socializing aspect is removed from the bill? There are still about 1,900 pages of hyper-legalese gibberish. It would still gut Medicare for $500,000,000.00, still pay for any and all abortions, still include free coverage for illegal aliens, still cram a few million people into bankrupt Medicaid, still micro-manage private insurance companies (without actually lowering costs or improving care), and still leave 24,000,000 (of the 30,000,000 legal) uninsured without any help. All of us would still pay higher taxes AND higher insurance premiums for four years before even the few would get any benefits. If you are counting on this because you are hurting, you will be betrayed. So why all the rush to “get it done, NOW”, if not to limit the growing exposure of the scam?
In short, this bill is not only double-talk that makes things worse; it doesn’t even effectively help the few that it is supposedly all about. It would give the government vast, unconstitutional control of 1/6 of private industry, so that they can put us through all this again in a few years and reach the progressives’ goal of 70 years: socialized (not “universal”) medicine. The lesson learned is that those that wrote and promoted this gobbler are not to be trusted.

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