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Thursday, January 6, 2011

No E.T.A. on fat ladies

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When zaftig Brynhild dies singing on her mourning pyre, it’s clear that the great Ring of the Nibelungen, the epic opera trilogy and the heroic Walküre herself are all finished.  Not so with the need for Americans to be alert.  

November elections were a clear repudiation of Socialism and the Progressives who push it.  Yet the Left denies reality and isn’t going away.  After all, defeating tyrants for generations has made America a key target for Statists.  The Constitution* still needs to be defended “against all enemies, foreign and domestic”.  Domestic enemies have been after this bane of tyranny specifically for a century, joining foreign enemies of freedom throughout history.  They don't want to give up all the "progress" they've made against it so painstakingly.  They call it "flawed", ignoring its history and total context.  They try to weaken it by claiming it is "a living document” (meaning 'flexible') rather than binding but adjustable via the built-in amendment process.  
So conservatives can’t afford to gloat and Independents shouldn’t expect them to make everything right in just two years.  Just like a movie monster, it isn’t dead the first time it’s knocked down.  Put another way, though we have regained control of one half of Congress, the fat lady ain’t sung yet

When President Obama reversed himself and extended the Bush tax cuts, he had to admit that they are needed “to stabilize economic growth” and “job growth”.  After all, investors want to invest to get richer and employers want to employ to get richer, right?  However, he only agreed to a two year extension. The split congress will have to deal with the issue again before the next election.  In fact, Obama specifically threatened to raise taxes permanently at that point, because “we can’t afford” the prosperity that limited taxes always bring. And instead of acting presidential and acknowledging the GOP negotiators that worked with him, he called them “hostage takers”.    So, he exposes himself as a Leftist ideologue that only wants to appear to move toward the center to bolster his miserable re-election chances.  It’s theater, not moderation.  It would be ridiculous not to expect him to try and appear moderate, as he has done in his unending campaign.   This tactic is a no-brainer: the Communist father and Marxist mother that abandoned him, Socialist grandparents that raised him and his Progressive, Seperatist wife would all expect it.  Socialism fully embraces telling “the big lie”.

Obama admitted (off the teleprompter) in 2008 that energy costs would “necessarily skyrocket” under his (global warming) agenda, but he promised tons of new, “green jobs” in return.  But his crushing EPA regulations (after “Cap and Trade” energy taxes were defeated in congress) damaged the economy and killed jobs like the rest of his big-government policies do.  This threatened votes.  As a result, he promised under pressure to “look at” conservative recommendations to expand domestic oil production in order to look moderate.  Three weeks later, the mysterious BP rig explosion and indifferent spill response caused massive damage to the Gulf ecology and Gulf States’ economies.  This was after decades of safe rig operation and “ecologists” forcing production out to dangerous, deep water in the first place.  So when he summarily banned all drilling, Obama was concerned about shutting down American oil production, not safety or ecology.  American oil resources, larger than Saudi Arabia’s, are left unused on-shore and in-shore (plus the deep-water rigs).

Now under indefinite shut down, more towable rigs are leaving American leases to drill oil for OPEC companies in the very same “fragile Gulf ecology”, under looser foreign regulations.  We must ship in more oil than ever, at higher cost, from unfriendly countries, in inefficient, leaky and vulnerable tankers.  PEMEX, Petroleos de Venezuela and PetroBras are profiting from the surplus of available rigs and lack of drilling competitionAnd our gas prices are rising past $4.00 per gallon.

Progressives now simply bypass Congressional oversight and the will of the people (subverting the Constitution).   New A.T.F.  regulations require Americans buying more than one gun (like grandparents buying presents) to be reported and investigated as potential “terrorists”.  E.P.A. regulations imposed Obama’s Cap and Tax.  Positions are filled with Leftists by withholding nominations and then making “recess appointments”.

Let me take a break and say that simply being a democrat (small ‘d’) isn’t evil.  President John F. Kennedy (unlike Chavez and Hu Jintao’s buddy Obama) was able to recognize the threat of Communism.  He stood up to USSR’s Khrushchev and Cuba’s Castro, in the October missile crisis, as well as Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh and others.  He opposed Socialism’s global domination plans.  Just this month, Newark Mayor Cory Booker understood (unlike Mayor Bloomberg of NYC, where babies died) that letting union bosses play politics with removal of record-breaking snow threatens lives.  He personally took phone reports from trapped citizens, gave orders for action and even picked up a shovel himself for a while. 

Back to the “far right, conservative extremists”.  As Obama and conservatives negotiated the extension of low taxes, many conservatives were displeased with the transaction.  You see, the trade-off for low taxes was further extension of the 99-weeks-long unemployment.  The GOP was willing, as long as it was paid for by spending cuts.  Socialists, though, were unwilling to follow their own “pay as you go” rule and dumped the annual $57 billion unemployment burden in with their claimed “$700 billion (over ten years) cost” of leaving money with investors and employers who earned it.  Folks, there’s no “cost” at all, unless they have already committed to spend that as-yet unconfiscated money.  But while some Progressives gushed over Obama’s “genius” in increasing debt, others raged over leaving some earnings untaxed.  One proclaimed (apologies in advance), “F… the President!”

Now, Progressives are panicking about the impending doom of Obamacare.  Incoming conservatives (mostly Republicans) have vowed to kill the bloated, patched-together monstrosity because it does so much damage.   Since it has no ‘severability clause’, the entire scheme dies if any of the many unconstitutional provisions is found to be so by the Supreme Court.  In the meantime, a put-up or shut-up repeal vote will prove who favors it regardless of the will of the people.  Then the House will de-fund most of its funding provisions before they can do any more harm.  This will finish it off in any case, since the convoluted mess is already unsustainable.
Desperate Leftists now claim that the GOP’s efforts threaten the CBO’s erroneous (not considering the hidden $250 billion “doctor fix” bill, the $500 billion embezzled from Medicare and Medicaid or the billions pushed off onto states’ budgets)  projection of “$100 billion savings”.  The fact is that killing it will result in immediate savings and increase hiring, and replacement bills will actually improve the system. Obamacare was never about health care.

Coincidentally, the denied and much ridiculed “death panels”, deleted from Obamacare due to public outrage, seem to have been revived.  Progressive Socialist Rep Earl Blumenauer (D-Or) had a Health and Human Resources executive order all set to authorize incentive pay for doctors to annually badger the elderly to “stop being a burden”.  Blumenauer sent a memo to other proponents, to keep celebrations over the new provisions (sneaking the provision back into Obamacare) quiet, if they wanted to keep it.  They, of course, blamed it all on Bush, whose one-time, optional, treatment-alternatives session was not accompanied by government bribery.
The incoming, conservative House majority is preparing to read the Constitution into the record for the first time in history.  They will also require a statement in every bill submitted; specifying what provision of the Constitution permits it, and 3 days’ consideration before any vote.  Progressives, including “representative” Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) respond that the Constitution of the United States (which all Congress members swear to “uphold support and defend, against all enemies, foreign and domestic”) is “nonsense” and “propaganda”.

While things are turning around, Americans can’t afford to relax too much.  We are winning, but powerful people still intend to impose their ever-failing Socialist world order on us.  The bosses don’t really care that it never works; they only want control of the trillions and reins for a few years.  The rest of us recognize that for 240 years, the basic principles of the Declaration and Constitution have made us the most free, powerful, prosperous and generous nation in the history of the world, in spite of their corruption, interference and sabotage.

In desperation over the last few days, Socialists have called for violence to facilitate their seizure of power.  They hope to intimidate Americans into submission or goad patriots into an overreaction (since millions at Tea Parties over the last 2 years didn’t even litter).  Obama advisor (and admitted Communist) Van Jones wants less prosperity and “a battleground” in the streets. Socialist icon Frances Piven wants “strikes and riots” like in Socialist Europe.  Anti-American financier George Soros is funding instigators and wants Obama ‘replaced’ if he can’t finish off our economy.  In the past 20 hours, there have been several multiple shootings, an explosion at a Memphis munitions plant and exploding packages at Maryland State buildings.  Hmm.

World domination remains a powerful temptation.  Until greedy control freaks are a thing of the past, Brynhild won’t even clear her throat.

*The Constitution can be updated to cover new concepts and changing conditions.  However, it requires specific amendment legislation and ratification by 2/3 of the states to do so.  Why?  So that Constitutional amendment means more than a simple majority legislating transient fads or quick power grabs.  This makes our government of the Rule of Law stronger and more enduring than those controlled by the "whim of man (one or a group)".
It was also written "with no surplus words", meaning that it is straightforward and doesn't waffle around concepts (It's only four pages long, folks).  If the Founders had intended government to be able to regulate anything and everything, they would have included something like "...the Congress (or 'Executive' or 'Judicial') may legislate (or 'order' or 'decide') regulation for any and all things", rather than wasting valuable parchment enumerating powers and specifying commerce clauses.  It's purpose is to restrain government and liberate individuals.  So, it is meant to be understood by anyone who knows the history of the document and the intent of the framers; no tricky legalese or hidden surprises.
The only ones that dispute these truths are those who are thwarted in their quest for personal power by its wisdom.

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