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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Denial is stunning.

In a 9-15 letter to Inland Valley editors, “Taking newer path”, a writer says that the GOP is in denial over how “badly” it conducted itself since 2000.    He chooses, “the newer, unproven path in the hope of a brighter future”, because he knows, “where the other path has taken us in the past”.

Wow.  The tendency of some to “double down” on a lost cause, despite the evidence, is shocking.  Of course, much of the population must be excused, having been lied to by politicians and mainstream media for decades.  It is the politicians and media that need to be brought back to reality.  If he is not just another ideologue, the writer would benefit by checking the following carefully for himself and stop relying on propaganda (Leftists have been writing fiction for over 70 years).

While too many Republicans did, in fact, go along with Progressive schemes and permit too much corruption for too long, it is the Socialist-driven remnant of the Democratic Party (in control of both Houses since 2006) that is denying it’s past and its agenda.  Most of their voters are unaware that DNC leadership has been owned by the American Progressive Socialist Party since Carter.

The conservative Tea Parties have scoured most of the crooks and anti-Constitutional Progressives out of the 2010 GOP/conservative election slate.  Check the news: many long term stalwarts have been shown the door because they increased the bloated government and taxes that support it, weakening the economy and Constitution.  Party establishment was rebuked in primaries, to get honest newcomers on the ballot.  Republicans vow to correct themselves when they take back both houses in a few weeks.

Now, what has the DNC done?  After delaying ethics investigations on tax-cheating slum lords like Rangel and Waters, the party throws its full weight behind them and arrogant embarrassments like Barbara Boxer, who called out a decorated combat General like a saloon girl for calling her “Ma’am” instead of “Senator”.  Despite most Democratic candidates claiming opposition to their “health care” takeover, Reid, Pelosi and Obama, the party is as ideological as ever.  They even announce that, if they lose their majorities, they will use a “lame duck” session to pass more economy-crushing, unpopular, unconstitutional, leftist bills.  They still have a huge majority.

The writer’s “unproven path” has actually been proven.  It doesn’t work.  The Soviet Union killed 35 million of its own people, trashed its ecology and bankrupted itself and its people in 70 years.  They also invaded Afghanistan (giving rise to the Taliban) and fomented lethal revolts in dozens of countries.  Mao’s China murdered 70 million and drove the Korean War (how’s North Korea turning out?) and now survives on the backs of its enslaved population and capitalist dynamo Hong Kong, only 65 years in.  Only 50 years after hijacking Cuba’s legitimate revolution (letting psychopath Che’ murder hundreds of his meager thousands of Cuban victims), Fidel Castro now admits that “Cuban-model Communism doesn’t even work in Cuba”. 
Other hard-Socialist states didn’t even last that long.  National Socialist Hitler held power for only 12 years. Soft-Socialist Europe is dumping its Statist burdens as fast as it can.

As to Free-market Capitalism in a Constitutional Republic, take a look around.  Despite constant obstruction and subversion by Socialists of one sort or another, it has lasted for over 243 years (the colonies ran this way for 150 years), drove the global industrial revolution and created every modern convenience you can see.  While only an idiot would claim perfection, it has given a lot.  Leaving aside more humanitarian and disaster aid than all other countries combined, it has liberated all of us, 60 million Iraqis, Afghanistan, Japan, Asia from Japan, all of Europe (twice), North Africa, Russia, 4,000,000 slaves of Southern Democrats (at the cost of 700,000 lives), the slaves of the Mujahidin “Barbary Pirates”, and countless others. 
Imagine how far we could go down this path without the constant, subversive, Progressive interference.  As some of our best say, “de Oppresso Libre”.

[ED.NOTE:  In the opinion of SophosArchaeus, there has to be some immovable,  overarching reason WHY we should try to be honest, try to do our best, and try to help others.  The most obvious answer is the unquestionable presence of GOD.  Anything else can easily degrade to mere relativism.  Beck and his million Restoring Honor ralliers and the tens of millions of like-minded others are right: party means very little.  One election is important, but not the ultimate goal.  We must get our Nation back UNDER GOD, who has never moved.]

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